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This function construct a turnaround by selecting two edge lines in the drawing.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Construct Lines and Polygons > Turnaround
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Construct Lines and Polygons: Turnaround

When starting the function you are prompted to: Pick first edge line: Pick second edge line:The turnaround will be placed on the side of the first line you selected A dialog box appears with all the parameters of the turnaround. All parameters are given in meters. Select a type of turnaround from a list of predefined turnarounds. The dialog box will changes appearance by adding or removing parameters to adapt to the chosen turnaround. In the lower right corner of the dialog box you will get a figure describing what each parameters is used for. The function gives you a preview of the chosen turnaround, and this preview will be updated by changes in parameters or type of turnaround.

Mirror:This will mirror the turnaround and place it on the side of the second edge line

Turn: This will turn the turnaround to it will go in the opposite direction

Draw: Press this button to draw the turnaround in current layer in the drawing

Draw - Trim:Draw the turnaround in the drawing and trims the two selected edge lines.

Move: Moves the whole turnaround along the selected edge lines.

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