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Connect text with borders, manually

This function lets you create an area by connecting a Land Use Text with the borders(with or without topology features) you pick manually.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Land use disposal > Connect Text with Borders, Manually
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Land use disposal: Connect Text with, Borders Manually

When the function is started do the following sequence:

Pick a Text: Click on the Land use Text to use to make an area. The dialog ´Establish land use in drawing' appears. Use the buttons down on the left side to select the lines to define the area:

  • 'Pick point<' Klick in an area inside lines.
  • 'Select polygon/line<' Select lines and polygons. Press enter to end selction and the border will show in magenta colour. Press enter to end , or select holes or press enter again to end. The area is then made.

The Land Use Area is created with the chosen Drawing Rule(hatch) and properties. The areas can be quantified automatically by using Search for land use area in drawing…

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