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Insert land use text

In Landscape “smart”-lines and Land Use Annotations are used to generate hatched areas. This function inserts these annotations to define the area types. This is a step in the process of making land use areas in the drawing.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Land use disposal > Insert land use text
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Land use disposal: Insert land use text

When the command is selected a dialog will apear asking for the type of plan to work with. Choose 'Landscape Design plan with colour' (matching your version) - klick OK.

A palette with all areatypes will apear (Area library). Here you will se the list of main categories containing the area types, klick the plus-signs to expand the categories to see their contents.

Choose the type of area you want to define and adjust the properties for your area. The [T] means that the annotation we are going to insert will build areas using the linetypes from the line-library also marked [T].

In the lower part of the palette is the properties field, it is contextual and will vary according to the type of area choosen. The check boxes next to the columns 'Code' and 'Description' selects the content of the text. Values in white fields can be edited. Yellow fields are locked, while red means required fields.

When the area type has been choosen and the properties are adjusted (as neccessary) the buttons in the top of the palette is used:

  • 'Insert descr.(iption)'- Press this button to insert the selected area definition in the drawing:

´Pick annotation point`: Pick insertion point. ´Pick rotation angle`: set rotation in 'AutoCAD'-manner, or just right-click to proceede and get a right angled annotation.

  • 'Modify descr.(iption)'- Change area type.

´Pick single entity`: Pick an area annotation in the drawing - it will change into the current area type in the palette. NB! The area must be disconnected to alter the area type.

  • 'Reset Checked Items'- Resets the properties field.

The properties are cleaned up by setting them back to default values for the choosen area type.

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