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Move point elevation x,y...

Use this tool to move a point elevation keeping the elevation constant and updating the attached slope arrrows based on the distance.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Elevation tools > Move point elevation x,y…
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Levelling tools: Move point elevation x,y…
The function can also be started by double clicking on the point elevation

Working procedure

Start the function and the command prompts:

Select point height to move:

Select the point elevation you want to move

The command prompts:

Select new position or type world coordinates:

Select the new position with left-click on the mouse or type in coordinates.

About point elevations in Novapoint Landscape

  • Point elevations are blocks with insertion point in the “+”-sign. The z-value for the block will always be equal to the written text.
  • The levelling tools are a set of functions working within the dwg-file as well as interacting with active terrain model. Editing and calculating point elevations must be don by using the levelling tools only! It does not work to use AutoCAD-functions like move, copy, copyclip/paste, properties, attribute editor etc. in order to edit or manage the appearence of point elevations in Novapoint Landscape
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