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Tooltip supports you while you work by showing a small texts when the mousepointer touch fields, buttons or objects in the drawing or user interface. These texts might be a reminder of the functions names or spesific properties for an object. The menu options 'Tool tips on' and 'Tool tips off', activates or deactivates these small help texts.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Setup > Tool tip on/off

For symbols (Plants, Electrical, WS, Objects) placed with the set out tools; code, description #1 and description #2 is displayed:


Lines created from the Line Library will display; topolocy codes (OBJECTID, etc) and the name of the line in the line library. If descriptions have been added to the lines for quantification, they will also be displayed; code, description #1, description #2 and length:

If you have added %-ual plant covrage, these will be shown instead of the linedescriptions:


Plant areas display tooltip for; category, areatype, code, topology codes/properties, acreage. If added, %-ual plant distrubutions will also display; plant shortname, botannical name, local name, code, percentage og plant quantity.

Tooltip i AutoCAD

In AutoCAD there is sevral different settings for 'Tool tip' to help us draw when using Landscape:

  • Tool tip for buttons, menus and dialogs is set from the menu Tools→Options:'Display' 'Show tool tips'. This setting controle 'Tool tips' on the toolbars in Novapoint.
  • 'Tool tip' while you draw (distance, angle, tracking, etc) is set in Tools→Options:'Drafting'. And is activated or deactivated using the buttons 'DYN' and 'OTRACK' below the commandline. Refer to the AutoCAD help system for more information.
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