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Draw Terrace Step

The function draws a plan symbol for stairs with defined length, direction and width. An arrow marks the ascending direction.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Symbols and objects > Draw Terrace Step
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Symbols and objects: Draw Terrace Step

When the function is started you get the following sequence on the command line:

Select start point: Pick the mid point at the bottom of the stair.

Select end point. Length/<point>: Pick the mid point on the top of the stair. The point will define the direction (up) of the stair. If you know the horizontal length of the stairs you can directly enter the length at command line using the option 'Length'. Type 'L' for length and press <RETURN>, Command prompts for:

Define length <3.00>: Enter the length of the stair and confirm with the key <RETURN>.

As direction of the stairs is to be defined, command prompts for:

Define direction: Pick a point to define the direction of the stair. When both length and direction are defined, command prompts for:

Enter width <1.5>: Enter the width of the stair and confirm with the key <RETURN> or pick the first point and second points in order to define the width. The symbol for stair in plan will now be drawn with the defined length and width.

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