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3D line...

Here we can create and manage 3D polylines.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Terrain design > 3D line
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Terrain design > 3D line

Use this tool for the following:

  • To convert a 2D line (line/arc/polyline/circle/clothoid) to a 3D polyline with desired elevations along it.
  • To edit the elevation of a 3D polyline.
  • The converted 3D polyline/edited 3D polyline consists of line element only. All the element of the selected 2D line will be converted in to a series of straight-line before assigning elevations.


  1. Run the function and initiated the 2D entity, which is to be converted to a 3D polyline.
  2. Split the selected 2D entity into a series of elemental straight-lines using the option 'Lines only'. This creates more break points (end points where elevations will be assigned).
  3. Assign the elevation using any of the following options.
    1. Elevation from NYLP: Automatically reads the elevations from a NYL file and assigns the same to the selected 2D entity.
    2. Point elevations <: Manually assign the elevation from AutoCAD by selecting a point of 2D entity and the elevation at command prompt or text entity with elevation value.
    3. Heights: Assign elevation for at least two break points and interpolate for other break points.
  4. Save the newly created 3D polyline using the option 'Save (TITUT)'.
  5. Draw the newly created 3D polyline using the option 'OK - Draw'.

Command prompts for:

Pick a line, arc, polyline: <Enter> = Read from file OK.

Select the line, which is to be converted to a 3D line.

The input 2D line can be either AutoCAD entities (arc/polyline/line/circle/clothoid) or line data in ASCII file formats (*.TIT, *.INH, *.LIN, *.LI and *.DAT).

If the line data, which is to be converted to 3D line, is to be read from the drawing, select all the lines, which are to be initiated to the function and finish with the right button of the mouse or key 'Return'.

Undo option is available to remove the previous selection.

If the line data is to read from a file, use the key 'Return' to activate option.

The dialog box 'Select TenTable' will pop up, using which the desired file having the 2D line data can be initiated to the function 'Create 3D line'. Select the file format from the field 'Files of type', browse to the location of the file, select the files and click 'Open'.

The dialog box 'Create 3D Line' will pop up.

Lines only

Use this button to convert selected 2D entity into a series of straight lines.

  • The selected 2D entity is to be converted to straight-lines before heights (elevations) are assigned.
  • There will be no change in the shape of the entity after conversion.
  • The tool primarily reads the selected 2D entity's break points (end points), where the elevations will be assigned.
    • Arcs, either stand-alone or part of a polyline, will only have break points at the start and end.
    • If the selected 2D entity consists of arc elements, heights (elevations) are set at the start and end points, which forms a straight-line when it is drawn.
    • The program drafts the entity as straight-line to link element break points.
    • Thus converting to lines only is essential.
  • This option can also be used to add more break points on straight-lines. This is used to allow the selected 2D entity to have elevations assigned at more points rather than just the start and end points.
  • The length of the each elemental straight-line is determined by the radius, the transition curve parameter and by the accuracy required.
  • These setting are defined the dialog box Lines only, which pop up with this button.
  • For further details, refer the topic Lines only.

Elevations from NYLP

Use this button to read the elevations form a NYL file and assign the same to the selected 2D line. For further details, refer the topic Elevation from NYLP.

Point elevation <

Use this button to define the elevations manually from the drawing. For further details, refer the topic Point elevations.

Save (TITUT)

Save (TITUT): Use this button to save the line data (2D or 3D) to ASCII files (*.TIT, *.LIN, *.LI, *.DAT, *.KOF and *.NYL) or to Quadri database.


Use this button set elevations for the selected line by manually defining elevations for points and interpolating the elevations for other points. For further details, refer the topic Heights.

3D – Draw

The function draws a height set line as a new 3D polyline. Command prompts for:

Erase old line(s) before drawing the new one? No/<Yes>:

Answering 'Yes' erase the lines loaded to the function 'Create 3D line' and answering 'No' retains the lines loaded to the function 'Create 3D line'. The default option is 'Yes'.

Novapoint Customized Object menu (NCO) To edit, run the function Object menu (NCO) from the menu Novapoint or toolbar Novapoint Base or command line NCO. Select the object, which is to be edited. Select the option 'Edit' from the pop up menu.

Depending on the object selected, respective dialog box will pop up, which facilitates to edit the selected object.

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