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3D model - Cross section along Line

Use this tool to create 3D models out of a section along a line.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Terrain design > 3D model - section along line
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Terrain design > 3D model - section along line

Start the function and following dialogue appears:

«Select path [3D Polyline] - select 3D poly in drawing

Select Cross Section - select cross section (polyline) in drawing. Pick base point. Cross section is shown in display.

Redefine base point - It is possible to redefine the base point

Switch Path Direction - It is also possible to switch the path direction, thus the shape to be created will come out the other way around.

Press »Next

If we select “Draw 3D faces” we will be able to use the shape in order to calculate volumes - see Volume between TIN models - from drawing for further help on this.

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