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Give contour elevation (z-value)

Use this tool to elevate contour lines from 2D to 3D.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Terrain design > Get contour elevation (z-value)
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Terrain design > Get contour elevation (z-value)

Command prompts for:

Select objects:

Choose the objects you want to give a new z-value. To get a quicker selection, type f for Fence and confirm with “Enter” to avoid having to pick one line at the time. If you choose to pick one line at the time, make sure you pick the lines rising from the lowest to the highest contour line.

First fence point:

If you have typed f for Fence, point at the first point on the fence line and confirm with “Enter”.

Undo/<Endpoint of line>:

Pick the next fence point or choose U to Undo your first chosen point. Confirm your choice with “Enter”.

5 found. Select objects:

Choose more lines if you need to or confirm by pressing “Enter”.

First contour line <0.00>:

Type the first contour lines height. The default value is 0. Confirm by pressing “Enter”.

Contour interval <5.00>:

Type the contour interval. The default value is set to 5. Confirm your interval by pressing “Enter”.

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