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Slope surface

The function calculates the slope from a selected polyline in the drawing. It draws the slope, and returns calculated volumes for cut and fill. User is free to use an active triangulation towards terrain or calculation towards an existing grid file of a terrain layer, as calculation method.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Terrain design > Slope surface
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: > Terrain design > Slope surface

Grid file

To use this calculation method, generate the grid file of the terrain layer to be used for calculation. This is done in Novapoint Base. It is very important to have the correct groups and feature codes active when generating the grid file. In case of having terrain model with both terrain surface and subsurface levels, respective groups are to be turned active so that both surfaces are generated to the same grid file.

Triangle Model

Before using this calculation method, make sure that necessary groups are active in terrain model properties (refer Novapoint Base). The triangulation is happening automatically in the background.

Group and feature code settings are important when calculating more than one set of slopes, that has interaction with each other and if the slope calculations are to be saved to the terrain model. It is also important to give correct priority to the groups being used for slope calculations, in most cases priority 1 if the terrain surface has priority 0.

In case of having groups for surfaces with several priorities and several subsurface levels the slope calculation function will automatically calculate triangles for each priority and level. The only thing the user has to control is that the correct groups in the terrain model are active.


The name defined to the polyline before calculation will remain with the line when the drawing file is closed. The drawing will remember both the name and the Slope Parameter Set for each polyline that is the base for a slope calculation. It’s not possible to store to lines with the same name. But two lines can have the same Slope Parameter Set template.

Working Process

  1. Write a name for the polyline at Slope object - Name
  2. Select a Slope Parameter Set at Slope object - Slope Parameter Set
  3. Select polyline to calculate from, and pick side to calculate. Select Object button
  4. Verify values in Slope Parameter Set and change if necessary
  5. Verify drawing rules
  6. Update calculation when changes made
  7. Change Slope Parameter Set template if necessary

Note: User can skip step 1 and 2. There will then be generated a unique name and a Slope Parameter Set template, automatically.

The slope calculation function uses AutoCAD Tool pallet technology and the user can edit parameters and edit the polyline at the same time as well as use all AutoCAD standard functions.

The function Slope Surfaces is included in Novapoint's Landscape, Terrain, Road Professional, and Civil Construction modules. Run the function; the palate Slope Surface will be docked on the left side of the screen. Press and hold down the left mouse button over the double lines at the top of the palate to move it. The upper part of the palate shows the different types of parameters and settings that are available for the function. Select each type of setting by pointing at the text.

Select Object

Use this button to select the polyline, which is to be used to calculate the cut and fill slope. Command prompts for:

Please select a polyline:

Select a polyline by pointing at it

Choose one side:

Point on one side of the polyline. The slope will be calculated on the selected side

  • Project settings: The standard settings for slope calculation are defined with this head.
  • Calculation settings: This part of the function contains the basic calculation settings for the Slope Calculation.
  • Ground condition: These functions describes the different subsurface layers and materials with cut slope and levels /depths.
  • Drawing rules: Drawing rules is used to specify how to draw the slope calculation.

Draw 3D Faces: Standard value for drawing cut and fill slopes are 3D Faces. Slopes can also be drawn as 3D lines or in 2D. Select the desired option from the pull down menu.

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