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Novapoint is professional design software in the field of civil engineering with a strong emphasis on infrastructure design. It uses Autodesk Map as its CAD platform. It is being used by, road, railway, public works departments, consultants, and universities in Europe and Asia. In all markets Novapoint has been customized to meet local design and drawing standards in co-operation with local design authorities and design engineers. Since its introduction in 1988 Novapoint has consistently expanded and improved its line of software for engineers around the world. At present Novapoint have over 10000 licences in 18 countries.

Novapoint Civil Suite

Novapoint is a modular based design system with a wide range of professional Civil Engineering applications. It contains the following design modules:

Novapoint uses Quadri Model as a common multi-discipline model.

Novapoint Product Philosophy

  • Close co-operation with National Universities and research institutions.
  • It is today's most professional complete design system within Civil Engineering and still expanding.
  • Modules are AutoCAD integrated (Programmed in C++, ADS/ARX).
  • Some modules can also run as stand alone windows programs.
  • National customization of design and drawing standards in co-operation with Highway/Railway Authorities.
  • Common database engine used by all modules - data is shared not transferred.
  • Object orientated storing and data management.
  • Object orientated user interface.
  • Integrated 3D data storage with Virtual Reality generated directly from the database.
  • PC - WinNT/Win2000/WinXP platform.

Quadri Model - the common multi-phase, multi-discipline model

The Quadri model that is used by all the Novapoint modules is a powerful set of integrated functions specialized for storing large amounts of topographical data. When storing locally (on file servers) Quadri uses a BFILDI database system developed by ViaNova Systems. When configured as a server solution, the central datbase is Oracle.

It can manage vector and raster data and has communication protocols to ODBC, Oracle, and Paradox. It can use client-server techniques on UNIX servers but is basically PC oriented. Quadri has it's own data management system allowing high-speed calculation, area search, in addition to analyses and GPS capabilities. Quadri is programmed in object orientated-code C++ (and Active-X) and is integrated with AutoCAD but is also a stand-alone program in Win95/WinNT and DOS. Quadri is a wholly ViaNova owned product and there is no external fee or cost for using it.

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