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Trimble Novapoint is professional design software in the field of civil engineering with a strong emphasis on infrastructure design. Novapoint (NovaCAD) was established as a product in 1988, based on people with experience from road and terrain modeling software since 1970.

Novapoint uses various Autodesk products as its CAD platform. It is being used by road, railway, public works departments, consultants, and universities in Europe and Asia. In all markets Novapoint has been customized to meet local design and drawing standards, in co-operation with local design authorities and design engineers. Since its introduction Novapoint has consistently expanded and improved its line of software for engineers around the world.


Novapoint contains a large set of modular based design packages, from road, railway and water & sewer design, to Noise analysis, and more. Look here for a complete list of products.

Novapoint uses Quadri Model as a common multi-discipline model.

Novapoint Product Philosophy

  • Deep domain knowledge - Made for civil engineers, by civil engineers
  • Complete with regard to disciplines within infrastructure
  • National customization of design and drawing standards in co-operation with Highway/Railway Authoritie
  • A common model - Quadri - where data from all disciplines can be gathered - based on the open standard ISO TC 211
  • Integrated 3D Virtual Reality - directly from the Quadri model
  • The best platform for drawing production - AutoCAD
  • Standalone modules - when drawing production is not needed
  • Novapoint runs on the Windows PC platform

Quadri Model - the common multi-phase, multi-discipline model

The Quadri model that is used by all the Novapoint modules is a powerful platform for storing large amounts of geographically oriented data. When storing on file servers Quadri uses a BFILDI database system developed by ViaNova Systems. When configured as a server solution, the central database is Oracle.

The Quadri model can manage networks, vector and raster data, and has communication protocols to ODBC, Oracle, and Paradox. Quadri has it's own data management system allowing high-speed calculations, feature type, network and area search. Quadri is programmed in object orientated code C++. Quadri is owned by Vianova Systems.

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