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Version 19.20FP6

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Alignment Design

Automatic Quadri save:

It is now possible to turn on/off automatic save of the alignment to Quadri due to slow loading/saving especially on long alignments with some history. It is also advisable to delete history not needed.

NOTE: Terrain will be turned off if automatic save to Quadri is disabled, because there is no horizontal geometry to calculate from.

Negative cant:

It is now possible to use signs with cant value to specify to wich side the track cants. Negative cant value makes track cant left, positive right.

Other changes:
  • It is now possible to offset a single element in the vertical. Right click the desired element in the vertical input grid (must be “fixed”), select “Lift/sink from Element” and then pick the same element in the vertical drawing. Then enter the desired value.
  • If you have 2 fixed straight elements with a free curve between them, and you decide to delete the curve, fixed points are kept, and the lines are extended to their apparent intersection.
  • Improved loading speed of alignments with a lot of history saved.


  • Volume reports should now be ok even if KM stations is used.
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