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Version 19.3x.FP3

Updates in Novapoint Railway

New features

  • Added configuration dialog to Platform Edge Design to be able to input rail gauge and rail height.

Other improvements / fixes:

  • IMPROVED: Alignment Design and NADB calculation now handles 2500 elements
  • FIXED: Volume calculation accuracy was changed in some configurations when running CSWizard.
  • FIXED: Crossings in switch design using clothoid did not work very well.
  • FIXED: Length parameter for clothoid was wrong in some case in the input grid.
  • FIXED: In Alignment Design “OK Draw” did not draw updated cant and speed.
  • FIXED: Swedish switches was not defined correctly, they are now replaced with Norwegian switches.
  • FIXED: Missing z value when importing reference points from LandXML in Alignment Design.
  • FIXED: Platform edge Design calculation around OB/OE.
  • UPDATED: Norwegian sleeper types.
  • UPDATED: Track Connection now uses the new task selection dialog.
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