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Novapoint 19.00.c

Updates in Novapoint Base

Sweep and Extrude

  • Imporved the functions
  • You can now change the indata for objects and then calculate with the new parameters for new results.


  • Imporved handling of objects in the topology builder, that may have caused a crash before.

Messages in Process Info

  • Messages in the Process Info view is improved for Import and Validation of Objects.

Landxml - Import

  • Coordinate referancesystem is imporved.
  • Improved error handling of imported LandXML-files with incorrect data.
  • Import of LandXML surfaces with boundaries, will make new object with the outer boundary and make a new boundary around the surface saved to the surface.(Reason: Sometimes the outer boundary is larger than the surface itself, and need to separate the boundary around the triangle model)
  • Added conversion file to handle LandXML surfaces with area resource data.


  • Improved conversion of attributes for SOSI4.0.


  • Improved handling of reimport.(Edit Import task)

Plan window

  • Adjusted drawing of surfaces in plan window with GRID - surfaces drawn correctly
  • Adjusted drawing of surfaces (Grid / triangle) so that the contour line around the surface is drawn in a different color.
  • Updated drawing rules

3D window

  • Now included drawing of trees
  • Updated drawing rules
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