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Novapoint 19.10.a

Updates in Novapoint Base

AutoCAD 2014 support

Novapoint 19.10.a adds support for runnung Novapoint 19.10 on top of AutoCAD 2014 products.

The AutoCAD version connected to Novapoint 19.10 can be changed using the Configuration tool, found in the Windows menu:

  • Start - Programs - Novapoint 19.10 - Tools - Configuration

Select Task

The Select task dialog will now remember the last used task in the AutoCAD enviroment. By default there is no active Task.

Novapoint - Tools - Convert 2D poly to 3D

When using the option to get height from calculation basis the function will now get the eleveation from a Height task.

Create Rotated View

The function Drawing Layout - Create Rotated View is reintroduced

Updates in Novapoint Base DCM

Compatibility with earlier version of Novapoint 19

Novapoint 19.10.a includes a extended Feature catalogue. This is a extension of the Feature catalogue to support new featurses. Quadrimodels made in Novapoint 19.10.a will have the latest Feature Catalogue.


  • New Quadrimodels made in Novapoint 19.10.a can not be opened in earlier Novapoint 19.x versions.
  • Quadrimodels made in Novapoint 19.00 wil be upgraded when opened and can not be opened in earlier Novapoint 19.x versions
  • Quadrimodels made in Novapoint 19.10 wil not be upgraded and can be opened in Novapoint 19.10.
  • Quadrimodels made in Novapoint 19.10 may be upgraded by the user by right-click the top node in the explorer view and select Upgrade

Shared project: Move a Task in the explorer view

When working on a shared project - Quadri DCM project - it is now possible to move a task in the explorer view.

  • New - not shared and Reserved tasks may be moved

It is recommended to Recieve from the shared model before move a task.

Import Quadrimodel

The import Quadrimodel function did not include all attachements, this is now fixed


A crash in the application accourde if there was reference to Orthophoto in a unavailible location is fixed

Drawing rule 3D Window

The Drawing rule Basic3D now includes sight distance lines from the Roadmodel Sigth analysis


Updates in Novapoint water and sewer|Cable


  • Multi edit properties: Change manhole dimension from circular to rectangular set only manhole width, not length

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

Bug fixes

  • 7533 Updated version of DCM plugin
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