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Novapoint 19.10.c

Updates in Novapoint Base


  • Fixed a bug in Reader setting that made the settings not reset to default when new import tasks were created.
  • Fixed Apphang in dwg-import when the setting Merge 3DFaces on the same layer was selected
  • Improved Esri ascii grid import
  • Fixed crash when importing QuadriG4 model.
  • Reimport dwg > fixed a bug that caused reimport of dwg not to include new layers in the dwg.
  • When new accuracy value is given during import in Reader settings, it is now set correctly as value of the property attribute

Edit tasks: For some projects the editing of a task caused hanging or crash, this is now fixed. Delete tasks: You can now delete tasks in the task tree.


  • Presentation rules: Included presentation rules for contours in plan window (Contourcalculation.) They are necessary for showing contours of road calculations, but are not sufficient in flat areas (flat triangles.)
  • File management:Users are now prevented from creating models on UNC path

Updates in Novapoint Road

Road Model

Version 19.10.c

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


  • Added check for avoiding illegal characters in dialogs. Which in next step will prevent WS model from being destroyed.

Plan presentation

  • Problem with satellites forgetting its positions. Improved position stability when user starts construction dialog and go back to dwg (draw plan drawing of WS model).


  • If there were several W&S-model tasks inside Binder, the non-active WS-tasks were also removed during editing of active task. This is now fixed.

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map

New features

  • Support for Autocad 2014
  • Civil3d - port to Autocad 2014
  • Direct export to VDC Live
  • New Norvegian city locations for sunlight analysis
  • Roof building eavesWidth meaning
  • HB138 vm-modeler.ini delivered as part of VM installation

Bug fixes

  • c3d plugin is not visible in Autocad 2012 (Standalone)
  • Plugin concept problem: Same object are being regenerated multiple times
  • Plugin added new materials are inserted incorrectly by modeler
  • Virtual map crashes when model contains many meshes
  • Fullscreen not working from vm-viewer.ini
  • Provide shorter description for plugin items
  • Rotate follow Z 90degree parameter for single elements
  • Civil 3D plugin does not remember Corridor Surface configuration
  • Export geometry using LandXML does not work
  • Audio sounds stalls (Horn sound)
  • Poor performance of image capturing
  • VBO blacklisting is not working
  • Huge amount of materials (8714) crashes modeler on model build
  • Object info's Options button does not work
  • Pressing 'Measure' and then 'Info' crashes viewer
  • Internal improvement: Disable linker warnings for 3-rd party libraries
  • Right click gets navigation is disabled when object info is shown
  • Model coordinates and black square
  • When viewpoint panel is autohidden, pressing 'v' resets viewpoint panel to blank
  • Ditch scatters orthophoto
  • Enable shaders makes road markings disappear
  • Alpha channel not working with shadows on
  • Unloading xref that contains xref removes all xrefs from generated model
  • Measurement not working properly
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