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Novapoint 19.10.e

Updates in Novapoint Base

Novapoint DCM

Deleted features are only marked as deleted as far as a cleanup process is performed when the files are opened. This cleanup process did not complete if the files (the local cache) was located in a folder or path that contained one or more ‘.’ (dot). This is now fixed and the size of files reduces automatically when feature are deleted from the model.

The calculation of the footprint of some features with solid geometry was wrong. This error could end up adding coordinate so far from the origin that the spatial index files (in the local cache) grew very big, and slowed down the model. This is now fixed.

Insert G4 model

  • Possibility to do transformation on quadri models while using Insert is added, as well as transformtaion of vertical coordinates.
  • Transformation of clothoides is corrected – does not cause program to hanging anymore.
  • Exceptions when inserting a quadri model which needs transformation is now fixed.

Quadri DCM

The problem fixed in this update can significantly improve the performance of the QuadriDCM functions Share and Receive. As you work, after the update, and make changes in your work set this fix will update your locale cache files and this performance problem will be fixed. But to ensure that you can utilize the results of this fix immediately for ongoing work, you should follow these three steps for all your work sets when the updated process is finished

  1. Share all your changes in the work set
  2. Release all your reservations in the work set
  3. Disconnect work set
  4. Join project and get a new work set from the project you are working with
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