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Novapoint 19.20.FP1c


Release date: 19.05.2014

Known Issues

If you use Quadri DCM, this version can be used with any Quadri DCM 1.1.x

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Version 19.20.FP1c

Updates in Novapoint Base DCM

File size limitations

IMPROVED: The maximum size of each local caching files (*.GDD, *GDI, *.GDH, *GDN) that stores the model/workset is now 8GB. (4 x 2^31-1 bytes). The previously limit was 2GB (2^31-1 bytes) for each file. Models/Worksets created and/or modified by this updated version of Novapoint are compatible with previous versions of Novapoint as long as the size of each caching file is less than 2GB.

Share, Receive, Reserve/Release

FIXED: When saving a workset from Quadri DCM, in some cases you got a message saying “Not allowed to decrement to a negative number”. This is now fixed. If you continue to experience this problem, then your workset is corrupted. The normal process to fix that is to get a new workset by performing “Join a Project” once more time. If your corrupted workset contains pending changes, please contact for advice.

FIXED: Problems with sharing to Quadri DCM when imported topological related surfaces have been deleted by re-import of SOSI-files. This problem gives a crash. Cause of the problem is fixed.


FIXED: When importing DWG with xdata for surfaces, cadattributes was not read.This is now fixed.

W&S features

FIXED: New instances of utility networks are created on build trenches on server projects, if the utility network type already exists on the trench a new instance should not be created. This caused problems for server projects and is now fixed.

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