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Novapoint 19.20.FP2


Version 19.20.FP2

Updates in Novapoint Base DCM

Explorer, Delete task

FIXED: Novapoint crashed if a task with non-reserved subfolders/subtasks was deleted. This is now fixed.

Open binder / workset

In some cases there was not possible to Open a binder/ a workset. When you opened a error message appeared: «Cant find feature in the model»

The error occurred after a failed receive. And as decribed in the release notes for QuadriDCM this happened when you received deleted features from the shared model, when you already had associations to these features from other features in your workset. With this update your will be able to open these worksets again.


FIXED: Div bugfixing


Updates in Novapoint Railway

Cross Section Wizard

  • 3D Train: Electrical equipment is now stored back to model (DCM) (#19689)
  • Some surface entries in the model were removed even if they were not used by the ballast. This should now be fixed. (#19963)

Alignment Design

  • Some problems fixed with vertical alignment if very big radius. Occasionally very short straight lines were inserted between radius, which should not be there. (#19950)

Error corrections for Novapoint Bridge

When saving key sections to the bridge model for projects with long names, a stopping error messages appeared. This was especially a problem for server projects that automatically get a very long path for the project name. This problem is now corrected.

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