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Novapoint 19.20.FP3b


Updates in Novapoint Base

FIXED: Giving new Z-value to line points in Property dialog sometimes crashed due to screen driver. This is now fixed
FIXED: Possibilty to create features with duplicate ID when importing *.dbs or .*quadriModel. It is not anymore possible to import these files that contain features or tasks with same GUID as in active model FIXED: Sub surface tool sometimes crashed when recalculating the task. This is now fixed.
FIXED: Import dwg - reimport always reported an empty file. This is now fixed.
FIXED: Release of task reservations with new sub tasks made tasks impossible to access and workset impossible to share. This is now fixed.
FIXED: Different bug fixes. Now the user will get a message if saving of model failed. For example, when there are missing attachments, user gets message of which missing attachments must be placed in which task. If model cannot be saved, user can continue to work by selecting not to save changes since last save.
FIXED: Import of dbs and quadriModel caused crash when there was duplicate ID. This is now fixed. If there are duplicate ID's no features will be imported.
FIXED: Crash in property window due to screen driver.
FIXED: Bug in the rendering when the filling option was set to false then only the outer boundaries were drawn


FIXED: This update addresses an issue where Share was mistankenly blocked. The sharing operation was blocked because the system perceived that something that should not be edited was edited. This happened because when you released a reserved task that has a new, not yet shared subtask. This subtask was mistakenly marked as not editable, even if it was new.


Updates in Novapoint Noise

Crash with dcm tasks for roads

If one or more roads had set a specific dcm task, calculations would crash. Also removing a dcm task for a road would crash.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: The user interface for volume calculation is now fixed so that the default to- and from chainage values correspond to the start and end of the tunnel. In addition it is now possible to choose designed base as the input for the volume calculation.

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