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Novapoint 19.20.FP4a

Version 19.20.FP4a
Version 19.25.FP4a

Updates in NovapointDCM Base

  • Share - In some cases invalid attachments were created when sharing to server. Receive and download new workset would then give error message “One or more attachments are missing…”. This is now fixed.
  • TIN breaklines and swap edges - Wrong boundary calculation
    • When default parameters are used (all breaklines are also swapped edges/control lines)the calculation does not check crossing breaklines, thus wrong holes can be created and wrong boundary of the surface. Now fixed.
  • Sub surface > Modify existing - Material type not stored to task
    • In sub surface tool, when selecting Modify existing as result and reopen the task, the task “forget” material type and it is not possible to set new one.

It is also impossible to see in task properties which material type is selected, because there is only the ID given, and not the name.

NB: Every time you make a new or edit an existing Groundsurface task, you must push the Options-button after you have selected the calculation basis and then the button: Save to task, before you click OK on the Groundsurface tool. Same goes for Sub Surface tool if you have breaklines.

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