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Novapoint 19.2x.FP5

Release date: 15.12.2014

19.20.FP5 is for Autocad platforms 2013 and 2014, 19.25.FP5 for AutoCAD platform 2015

Known Issues

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Version 19.2X.FP5

Updates in NovapointDCM Base


NEW: Possibility to search for Result feature in Ground surface, Extrude and Sweep:

FIXED: Crash in Move vertically when the setting Add points to follow the surface better was selected.

Presentation setup

NEW: The presentation rule for Calculated contour lines from surfaces can be edited directly in Novapoint.

  • Calculated contour lines can be used in both 3D and plan window.
  • It is possible to change symbol and text font directly in the progam
  • Distance between the contour lines is given in meters
  • Major contour lines is given as a factor. If the factor is 5, every 5th contour line will be a major contour line.

Plan presentation to DWG

  • NEW: AuotCAD Colours 0-255 (these each have a corresponding RGB colour) is transferred to Autocad
  • NEW: Lineweight set in Novapoint drawing rule is transferred to AutoCAD layer lineweight
  • FIXED: TIN models transferred to AutoCAD where multiplied and very large. This has been corrected


NEW: Measure distance:

A new tool to measure distance in plan- and 3D window:

Right mouse click to select snap functionalities Nearest and/or End point. Hover the mouse over point to get the coordinates (N,E,Z) in the point. Distance and slope is given in lower right corner of window.

For more information see Reference guide: Measure distance


Conversion rules that come with the new import routines require the latest feature type registry. For Quadri models created before FP5, use the following workaround (single user models): Create a new Quadri model with latest feature type catalogue. Use Insert QG4 to insert your Quadri model to the new empty model (with proper feature type catalogue). Now you can import IFC files to your model.

IFC import

NEW: IFC import With FP5 we launched a first version of the import of IFC version 2×3 files. Feature type definitions for the physical features are different in IFC and the infra-world. When importing, conversion rules for translating between feature type definitions, are used.

In this version we have added one conversion file that imports outer volum of a building.
The IFC objects are translated to the Quadri models roof, floor, walls, doors and windows.
The IFC objects must be geo referenced in the IFC file prior to import.

The example shows a building imported from IFC where the objects are separated so it’s possible to choose drawing rules and show properties in the property window.

If you receive IFC files of large complicated buildings, you may experience that this uses lot of computer resources. To reduce memory use during import, run the file through Solibri IFC Optimizer before importing it to Novapoint.

If you want to import more than the buildings outer volume, you must create a new conversion file.

IFC files are very diverse and include a lot of information. Using a conversion file to import everything from IFC to Quadri will lead to a large model. It is important to be selective when deciding what to import. Import only what you need in your project.

IFC export

NEW: IFC export In the IFC export you can export a selection of objects from Road and WS. These are mapped to selected IFC objects, typically ifcProxy for Road objects and IfcDistributionFlowElement for WS. In addition a descriptive name for the object is exported.

Below is an example of an export from Novapoint viewed in Solibri



In FP5 we have a better support for exporting road models to LandXML from Novapoint Base. Two new mapping rules in the program supports export of road surfaces and break lines to LandXML. We recommend that you export road surfaces and break lines separately. When exporting road surfaces it will not follow source data for the surfaces. To succeed with export of break lines the LandXML files is created with dummy surfaces. They should not be used as surfaces in any other program.

Note! If you want to import to AutoCAD Civil 3D. Start with a new drawing and import the breaklines first. Remove the dummy surfaces that follow the break lines (Select Similar+Delete). Then import the file for the surfaces. When you import the surface’s it may happen that the boundaries fail. This is a known issue in CV3D, and workaround for this is to redefine the boundaries by exporting boundaries to DWG also, and then connect it to actual surface.


NEW: BETA version of GML import FP5 includes a BETA version of GML import. The included conversion rule imports GML objects to Novapoint proxy objects.
GML export is not available in this version.


NEW: Task Collection can be found in Insert:

Tasks of this type is used to collec indata/calculation base to other tasks. This new task type is an improved version of t Group task. One does not need to reserve tasks that are indata to a Collection task. If indata tasks to the Collection task has changed, the Collection task is changed automatically. NB! This task is only available from version 19.2XFP5. In QuadriDCM projects all users must update to 19.2XFP5 to be able to use this task type.

The Collection task was introduced in NovapointDCM 19.2XFP5. Earlier versions cannot use this task type. If you start using this task type, all other who uses the same model must update to NovapointDCM 19.2XFP5 or newer versions. If model is opened in earlier versions, the program will not recognize these tasks and when recalculating tasks with Collection task as indata, the result will not be as expected.

Read more about Collection task in Reference guide: Collection

Ground surface and Sub surface

NEW: New setting: Keep existing TIN structure

If features with TIN structure are indata to the task and this setting is selected, the TIN structure will be kept. When this is not selected, the points from the indata TIN will be used. A constraint is that the indata features with TIN structure cannot overlap

NEW: Possibility to create multiple result feature of same object type in one task: This can be done in two ways:

  • 1. Select multiple boundaries. Open a window with the lines/surfaces to use as boundaries. Select the button Outer boundaries and select the features in the window (use Ctrl-button to multiselect or deselect. To deselect all, select an empty space in the window

As shown here, a window with boundaries (closed polylines imported from DWG):

From these it is possible to create Top soil layers:

…and under the Top soil layers, one can create Soil layers in the way:

Limitation: Selected lines/surfaces as boundaries cannot overlap. If they are overlapping one get a message in Prcocess info. Right mouse click this message and select Go to location to check where the bounderies are overlapping.

  • 2. Create 'islands' by setting maximum distance in Settings > TIN > Remove long-edge triangles at edge of model

NEW: In the Sub surface task it is now possible to select multiple tasks/features to follow.

FIXED: In Sub surface task when Surface to follow is selected, the created sub surfaces will keep the TIN structure as the surface to follow. In cases where the selected boundary diverse from the surface to follow, the TIN structure will not be kept in border areas.

CHANGED: Ground surface and Sub surface task will now create new result features when recalculataed. When the task is recalculated earlier result features are deleted and new are created.

FIXED: Fixed so Surface to follow uses the same triangle structure as the surface it follows. System.IO.IOException: Cant create file, as the file already exsists.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Ground Surface and Sub Surface

In FP5 it is now possible to use multiple 2D boundary lines to define sub surface layers in one operation. Below is an image showing multiple 2D closed polylines imported from a DWG file:

From these multiple topsoil layers can be created using an offset from the Ground Surface:

The result:

…and below a soil layer for exampel:

A new setting to reuse the existing TIN structure from an input. This is automatically on when Surface to Follow is used.

Contours for the road surfaces in the 3D view:

The contour intervall and other parameters can be edited in the presentation window. Right click on the contour and select Show preview for Drawing Rule.

Drawing an alignment or road model to AutoCAD using the line or model name as layer name

In the Road ribbon select Drawing Style Configuration and create a new drawing rule:

For example using DRALIN 4 as a template create a new rule. Adjust the layer name to <AlignmentName> for the elements you wish to save to the layer with alignment name and save the new drawing rule as for example DRALIN 4 with alignment as layer name:

When an alignment is drawn to AutoCAD with the new drawing rule the elements are drawin to a new layer with the same name as the alignment:

Alignments name is A10000

Road/Rail models:

Under Draw Model add a new layer called <Modelname>:

The model name is then used when drawing out Road or rail models:

Build a Road Model

A road model can be built straight after selecting the road standard (if the standard values are t be used:

Alignment as Surface Edges:

Method 5 – Offset from the line, slope from surface description (Distance measured from the line)

The distance is entered between the start and endpoint of the alignment:

NEW Measure tool for plan and 3D window:


Updates in Novapoint Landscape


A new tool is added to Novapoint Landscape. With this tool you can easily get height information from a line.

  • Start the tool

  • Choose the contour spacing

  • Choose a 3D line, press enter and the heights will show on your 3D line.



Updates in Novapoint Railway


  • No longer necessary to have a railway task in the current project.
  • Break option is disabled if alignment task is not reserved in a server project.
  • Fixed missing switch configurations for international configuration. User may have to select configuration file manually.

Alignment Design

  • Improved precision in NADB calculations.
  • Fixed error in vertical alignment if it starts with an arc.
  • Fixed problem with default railway speed not correctly initialized.
  • Fixed problem with reference points not getting height from model.
  • Fixed problem with disappearing KM stations in reference points grid.
  • Removed annoying message about missing railway task (was due to KM stationing).
  • Railway speed from previous element is now set on new elements when connecting.
  • Fixed problem with copy and offset. Sometimes clothoide lengths were not maintained.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

  • Cross-fall values exported in the LandXML file are now correct
  • Geology and rock support functionality is now included in Novapoint 19. The functions are found on the “Construction” tab. Please contact Jan Erik Hoel, for further information.


Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Finnish version

  • Bugfix: 612 - a FATAL ERROR fixed in C-TYPE (#4128)
  • Bugfix: 645 - there was something wrong with distances with decimals (#4243)
  • Bugfix: 611 - fixed incorrect alignment and color (#4396)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: New signs - 506 & 507 added to library (#4175)
  • Feature: New sign - 609 added to library (#4316)
  • Feature: New sign - 776 added to library (#4022)
  • Feature: New signs - basic railway signs added to library (#3057)
  • Bugfix: 808.339 - FATAL ERROR on insert fixed (#4092)
  • Bugfix: 743.2 - FATAl ERROR related to large coordinates fixed (#4172)

Swedish version

  • Feature: New sign - B8 added to library (#4093)
  • Improvment: F5 - new combination added to “color field” (#3992)
  • Improvment: H23 - new service symbol combination added (#4064)
  • Improvment: F34-F37 - added support for orange background (#4078)
  • Improvment: F38 - added support for orange background (#4305)
  • Improvment: General - translations updated in sign information (#4340)
  • Bugfix: F5 - there was somthing wrong with combination symbol & mini on white background (#4254)


Version 19.20FP5

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 7.0.3

Bug fixes:

  • Viewpoints are not exported into VDC Live
  • Civil 3D plugin doesn't work
  • Running Autocad without administrator priviledges does not allow to register modeler
  • Viewer does not recognize Novapoint 18.40 / 19.20 / 19.25 license
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