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Novapoint 19.25.FP4


Release date: 30.10.2014

This version is equal to 19.20.FP4, this version runs on AutoCAD platform 2015 64-bit only

Known Issues

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Version 19.20.FP4

Updates in NovapointDCM Base


IMPROVED: Dynamic Query dialogue is improved. When you have selected tasks(s) first and then goes to the Features list, this list now will be filtered based on the already selected task(s), and will thus only list the relevant feature types.

IMPROVED: User now get notified when the disk is full.

IMPROVED: It is now not possible to delete tasks used as input data to other tasks (successors). If you try to delete a task with successor(s) (ie task A), you will get a message telling which tasks (ie task B and C) that are successors of this task. You have to first remove task A as input data to task B and C to be able to delete task A.

IMPROVED: The tool handling between NovapointDCM Base and processes in Novapoint modules areimproved when release/share/receive from QuadriDCM and when closing tools and processes.

IMPROVED: Removed the possibilty to autoclose Novapoint when AutoCAD is closed

Upload datasets to support

NEW: N > Help > Upload to Novapoint support. This is an easy way to send model AND files to Novapoint Support. NB! Close the Binder before you run this operation.

User defined paths for templates

NEW: N > Options – Environment under Files: You may set user defined paths for both process and task templates.


IMPROVED: The process tree in Explorer will no longer collapse when you reserve/release/share/receive to QuadriDCM.

IMPROVED: User interface is improved when there are many models open in one binder. User can more easy understand which model is active - and some functions are removed for inactive model(s).

Presentation Setup

IMPROVED: Possibility to change presentation rule directly in Presentation setup. User can change:

  • Drawing parameters like Color, transparency, line weight, texture, symbol etc.
  • Order of the presentation rules

You may store the edited presentation rule.

The path to where the presentation rule is stored is found in Options:

  • N > Options > Environments
  • Files
  • Folder Drawing Rules User Defined

Ground surface

We have added new settings to improve the triangulation process:

  • Avoid flat triangles
  • Breaklines control
  • Swap edges (“line control”)

NEW: Avoid flat triangles

Two possibilities:

  1. Add interpolated fictive points
  2. In narrow valleys, create a continuous fall

The fictive points are located at the midpoint of the triangle edges first calculated, then the elevation is interpolated based on the trends from the neighboring triangles.

NEW: TIN breaklines and swap edges

Possibility to select breakline on feature type and instance level. Also possible to select breaklines as Swap edges (In Novapoint 18 referred to as “control lines”)

Sub surface

NEW: Same settings improvement as in Ground surface, see above.

FIXED: Possibility to use Surface to follow when Target Feature is set to Features to modify. This means that if closed polylines are imported that represents boundaries of sub surface layers, these surfaces can be given a surface geometry from Surface to follow, with a given vertical offset.

Import - Export

NEW: Possibility to export to KML, Google Earth. (long, lat support via UTM). KML can be exported from Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Belgian configurations

IMPROVED: .DWG Export: Possibility to export the result of Sweep and Extrude tasks. The features will be drawn as polyfacemesh.

IMPROVED: .GEN Import: let the user import alignments and calculated terrain lines from an existing Novapoint road model. The alignments get the same name as the task name (for 19.20 road models) they had in the original model. Alignments from a 18.30 road model, will get the same name as they had in the original (NP18) terrain model.

IMPROVED: QuadriG1 Import: You may now import GIS/Line Quadri databases (= QuadriG1) without the TMG file (wich is added for QuadriG1 from Novapoint). Suitable conversion rules have been added.

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