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Novapoint 19.2x.FP5a

Release date: 17.01.2015

19.20.FP5a is for Autocad platforms 2013 and 2014, 19.25.FP5a for AutoCAD platform 2015

Known Issues

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Version 19.2X.FP5a

Updates in NovapointDCM Base


FIXED: Share - In some cases when sharing to server this error message appeared: “Task missing in shared model and can not be changed”. This is now fixed. After installing fp5a, you can open you workset, save it, then share is completed.

FIXED: Crash in Extrude for some models when feature to follow was a surface with grid structure.

FIXED: In the tasks Ground surface, Extrude and Sweep it was not possible to select Output feature type when the Novapoint application window was minimized. This is now fixed.

CHANGED: Composite tasktype subtasks (i.e Import task or WS tasks) can not be reserved or released. This must be done on the subtask's “mother”.

FIXED: When draw Plan presentation to DWG in 3D, the surfaces was not correct.

FIXED: Colors are set to acad-index color if RGB matches the value from the ACAD color-index. This means you will get white, red, 254 and so on if the RGB values match. Black is set to white in acad and if the background color is set to black the color 7 (white) automatically changes to black - depending on the background color.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Draw Longitudinal Profile from Road Model

  • Error when drawing LP and starting within a clothoid. Illustrations objects could be placed on wrong profile, this is now fixed
  • Drawing longitundal profile with External Lines caused NP to crash. This is now fixed.

Draw Road Model

  • Crash in French version fixed

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

  • Import and export of cross-section geometry for crossing tunnels crashed. This is now corrected.
  • It is no longer possible to merge geology- and rock support registrations for two different tunnel tubes.
  • The beta and alpha angels for crossing tunnels are now stored as real numbers, not as integers.
  • Niches and crossing tunnels are now shown in the unfolded geometry used for geology- and rock support registration.
  • All known issues regarding the tunnel width and rotation tables in the LandXML export are now corrected.

Updates Novapoint WS|Cable


CHANGED: Removed edit functionality on right click menu on WS sub tasks to secure that editing (delete, renaming etc) is done only inside the WS construction dialog.

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