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Novapoint 19.2x.FP5b

Release date: 30.01.2015

19.20.FP5b is for Autocad platforms 2013 and 2014, 19.25.FP5b for AutoCAD platform 2015

Known Issues

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Updates in Novapoint Road

Import of Road Model from 18.30

  • Road models from 18.30, with deepblasting or landscaping, was not read correctly when imported to Gemini, using Novapoint Road API. This is now fixed.

Draw Lognitudal Profile to AutoCAD

  • Problem with drawing Lognitudal Profile to AutoCAD, did not draw all sections when subsurface layers are included. This is now fixed.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

WS/Cable task in Base

* Fixed: When creating a new trench (in WS construction ACAD) a summary task in Base was created with the same name as the originally WS task, and added under a summary task. This is now fixed so that new trench is added to the active WS main task.

Cross section calculation

* Fixed: When the trench wall soil and rock slopes are unequal, and the trench is in soil and rock the calculated cross sections gave wrong trench width.

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