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Known Issues

Novapoint Base

Receive from QuadriDCM project

When you try to delete tasks with successors, you will get a message that it is not possible to delete the task because it is used in other tasks, i.e:

The list of successors can be seen in property window:

In order to be able to delete the task, it must be removed as indata to the successor tasks. In some cases, after this clean up (remove task to be deleted from indata to its successors) is done and shared to server, we have experienced that the successor list of the task to be deleted is not updated, hence the task is not possible to be deleted (even though the successors in the task does not anymore have this task as predecessor).

WORKAROUND: In order to fix this, download a new workset of the model, then the successor list of the task you want to delete will be updated with the correct successor list (none because all successor tasks have been changed) and the task can be deleted.

GOM tasks from Geosuite

With Geosuite tools it is possible to create GOM tasks. If a GOM task is shared to QuadriDCM, other modules like Road, Water and Sewer and Tunnel will not work correctly. Do not share a GOM task a QuadriDCM project. If it is shared, then delete it.

Novapoint Tunnel

Ditches modeled by the water and sewer module and referenced into the road model are not always handled correctly in NP Tunnel. The functions 3D-drawing, volume calculation and LandXML export all give wrong results for some situations. This will be corrected in later releases

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