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Novapoint 19.2x.FP6a

Release date: 20.04.2015

  • 19.20.FP6a is for AutoCAD platforms 2013 and 2014
  • 19.25.FP6a is for AutoCAD platforms 2015 and 2016

Known Issues

Links: Base | Road | Area Planning | Landscape | Terrain Design | Railway | Noise | Bridge Design | Tunnel | Water & Sewer | District Heating | Road Signs | Road Marking | Land Acquisition Planner | Virtual Map | Reinforcement | Civil Construction | Feature Catalog 1912 1.07 | Geotechnics | Easy Access v2 - 19.25 only |

Version 19.2x.FP6a

Updates in NovapointDCM Base

  • Road, WS, tunnel could not be opend from dcm if you have a GOM task in the model, and not Geosuite loaded. Fixed.
  • Publishing Easy Access 3D task with WMS using webatlas link, made: Novapoint stopped working. Fixed
  • Problems with editing of Extrude buildings in some cases. Get Novapoint stopped working error message. Fixed
  • ColorStripe renderhandler was missing a check in the spatial attributes. This affects e.g. presentation of regulated areas (land use planning).

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Cross Section wizard

Track distance calculation failed in some cases in element transitions which caused some very strange cross sections. This is now fixed.


KM data xml-files are now shared to server.

Known issues

Ballast layer surfaces may overlap with ballast surface surfaces which causes some strange visual bugs in Novapoint. Be also aware of this when exporting to other systems.

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