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Novapoint 19.2x.FP6c

Release date: 20.08.2015

  • 19.20.fp6c is for AutoCAD platforms 2013 and 2014
  • 19.25.fp6c is for AutoCAD platforms 2015 and 2016

Known Issues

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Updates in Novapoint Railway

Cross Section Wizard

We have addressed a critical error in this feature that led to errors in the surface description for double track situations where tracks were not parallel. The reason was that the surface +-2.1 was not set up with line boundary and surface +-1.5 was not set as free surface. This led to the width of cross section not matching the distance between the tracks in curves that were not parallel.

NOTE: This fix only applies if using main track vertical only, the cross sections are still wrong for double tracks which uses two separate vertical alignments

Here is an example of correct surface description:

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