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Known issues

NovapointDCM Base

Non-result features

In the Quadri model, all created features are basically result of one or several tasks. If a feature is not a result of a task, it is called a non-result feature. We are now experiencing, due to bugs, that there are many non-result features created in the models. Most of these features are created when the user works in both NovapointDCM Base client and the Novapoint modules in AutoCAD, for example Road or Water and Sewer. A use case is that user opens a task in NovapointDCM Base in edit mode, then starts some Novapoint calculations in the Novapoint AutoCAD tools, for example line construction, Road model or Water and Sewer construction. When user return to NovapointDCM Base application, user cancel the task (opened in edit mode.) Then the model can start a roll back operation that will have consequences for the tools that have been executed while this task was opened in edit mode. Non-result features can have been created. This can be checked With Right mouse click the model/workset in Explorer and select Delete non-result features:

All non-result features not shared to QuadriDCM can be deleted with this function and this should be checked before sharing. After non-result features are shared to QuadriDCM, you have to contact Novapoint support in order to get them deleted from the model.

PLEASE check for non-result features in your workset before you share to QuadriDCM. If you work in a single user model, check frequently if you have non-result features in your model and delete these.

Download workset

When downloading a workset, a plan window with all features in the model will open in NovapointDCM Base client. In big models this can result in problems with the graphic driver and you can for example get the warning: “The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Put limit and is unable to continue. The application must close.” In order to open the workset again (after closing) Novapoint application do the following. Create a new binder:

Then open the workset:

Ground surface

Terrain Surface - copy object .
If you use copy object from a surface which has associations to topology, you can get loose objects as the boundary of the surface is shared with another object, that others can change even if they have not reserved this terrain surface.

Sub surface tasks in QuadriDCM-projects

In some converted QuadriDCM models, it happens that for reserved Sub surface tasks, the Preview and OK buttons are not active (grey):

Workaround is to select the Features to modify button, then close the DYnamic query that opens. Then the Preview and OK buttons are activated:

Export of GeoSuite DBS files

  • Sometimes the export of DBS-files fails. An error message is then shown in the process control, telling the user that the export failed, but it gives no information about what caused the failure. This will be corrected in the next release.


Create roadmodel based on existing GEN-file

When creating a new road model based on the template “From existing project” some errors occur:

  • Length of roadmodel is not always correct when the roads length is shorter than available length on the alignment

Roadmodel wants to overwrite with template

When a Quadrimodel is converted to version 19.3x the roadmodel wants to overwrite the surface description with the template the first time a road model is built.

  • By pressing YES the surface description will be overwritten.
  • By pressing NO the surface description will not be overwritten.
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