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Novapoint 19.3x.FP2


Version 19.3x.FP2

NovapointDCM Base


INFO: QuadriDCM 1.3.FP2 is also released. See release notes here You may upgrade NovapointDCM Base client and server-side independently of each other. However, both client and server-side contains significant stability improvements so an upgrade of both client and server-side are strongly recommended. You must have NovapointDCM 19.30 or 19.35 as a client application in order to use the QuadriDCM 1.3.FP2.

IMPROVED: User interface have been improved in order to avoid to create non-result features when a task was opened in NovapointDCM Base client while user continued to work in Novapoint modules and tools in AutoCAD and did changes to the model and then finished by cancel the open task in NovapointDCM Base client. The user interface is changed, so it is now not possible to cancel a task in NovapointDCM Base client if there has been changes in the model done by other tasks and tool during this task has been open. If there have been changes, user have to finish the task with OK-button.

The improvements in this version are not retroactive to your model/workset. We strongly recommend you to at first opportunity, to share and release your active worksets and download new ones from QuadriDCM

IMPROVED: Feature Catalog. There are totally 800 adjustments in the feature catalog. There are some new feature types, especially within Construction domain. The main changes are that many existing feature types in the Catalog are extended with a wider support of geometries, meaning that for many feature types the geometries Surface and solid are added. For many feature types, an available general list of material type is also added.

IMPROVED: When click Select feature, the navigation mode is automatically set to Selection mode

IMPROVED: When downloading from QuadriDCM in earlier versions, automatically a plan window showing all features in the model was opened. This is now removed.

IMPROVED/NEW: If presentation tasks window are opened when you close and store model/binder, these presentations will be opened when you open the model again. This will cause the opening procedure to take more time. (If all presentation windows are closed when closing the model/binder, this problem will not occur.) NEW possibility now is also to press Shift-button while opening your binder/model/workset, then if the process to open the presentation windows will be skipped.

NEW: Possible to use filter attribute Medium on features


NEW: Possible to drag and drop tasks and features into a plan and 3D windows to add them in the view. Select one or several tasks/features in Explorer view and drag and drop them into the plan-/3D window where you want to add them. If the window is a plan or 3D presentation task, the selection for the task is not updated. For permanent changes in selection of presentation task, the task must be edited.

FIXED: Contourline renderhandler generates now major and minor interval (0.5) correctly

FIXED: Contour line mismatch when having several surfaces in the presentation rule is now fixed

Properties window

When editing an attachment on a not reserved task, the system crashed. This is now corrected.


FIXED: Insert > External Data > Point cloud had a bug that caused some point clouds to not be seen. This is now fixed.

FIXED: Import: When importing ground investigations (dbs-files), the doublette dialog sometimes crashed. This is now corrected.

FIXED: External Data Sources - > QuadriDCM: When runnung this function twice (do Edit on the task), the systems crashed. This is now corrected.

IMPROVED: Import/Export: The embedded library from The Norwegian Mapping Authority (Kartverket) to convert from NN54 to/from NN2000 is updated to the newest available version (2015B). This new updated version covers:

  1. Østfold, all
  2. Akershus all
  3. Oslo, all
  4. Hedmark, all
  5. Oppland, all
  6. Buskerud, all
  7. Vestfold, all
  8. Telemark: Skien, Porsgrunn, Bamble, Kragerø, Drangedal and Siljan
  9. Aust-Agder: Iveland, Birkenes and Lillesand
  10. Vest-Agder, all
  11. Rogaland, all
  12. Hordaland, all (However, only preliminary for Bergen)
  13. Sogn og Fjordane, all
  14. Møre og Romsdal: Sande, Vanylven, Volda, Ørsta, Stranda, Norddal, Stordal, Sykkylven, Ulstein, Hareid, Sula, Ålesund, Skodje, Ørskog, Vestnes, Sandøy
  15. Sør-Trøndelag, all
  16. Nord-Trøndelag, all

FIXED: Coordinate operations for GRID Surfaces did rotate the GRID 90 degrees anti-clockwise. This is now corrected.

Ground Surface/Sub surface

FIXED: Bug fixes

IMPROVED: TIN Priority. Now possible to select (Ctrl/Shift) and move multiple features in the list. Added possibility Move to top and Move to bottom.

Novapoint Base AutoCAD

FIXED: “Create rotated view” added some extra characters if view-name specified by user was less than 10 characters. This is now corrected so that the view names are as specified by the user. Workaround was to manually change the name of the view from AutoCAD VIEW dialog.

IMPROVED: “Draw Grid Lines” settings are now stored in an INI file. it is now possible to transfer settings from one user to another or to a newer versions of Novapoint. INI file is stored in the user APPDATA folder. This make it possible to roll out a standard INI file centrally so users get one firm specific layout by adding the INI file to a logon script. In Novapoint 19.35 with Norwegian configuration file will be saved on: %APPDATA%\Vianova\Novapoint\19.35\NP_Acad\English\Base\Config\GridLayer.ini

IMPROVED: “Section from 3D drawing”. It is now possible to use a task to get the Quadri model terrain.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Alignment Design

NEW: Alignment Design can now read terrain as GRID

IMPROVED STABILITY: It is not possible to edit an alignment task while the task is active in the Alignment Design

IMPROVED: Ability to delete all vertical elements if wanted (previously at least one element had to remain)

INFORMATION: We would also remind users about the function for Automatic Quadri Save. Turn of this function if the Alignment Design design is slow. Read more about this function in the link above.

Road Ribbon in NovapointDCM

IMPROVED: In non-reserved road models it is possible to open dialogs and to export IND and GEN

IMPROVED: Export of road model as GEN with dot “.” in the modelname is now possible

IMPROVED: When importing IND all functions are now be available in Design before pressing OK

IMPROVED: List for reference alignments has an improved layout

IMPROVED: “Full length” for the reference alignment is shown with start and end values

IMPROVED: Removed the limitation to view dialogs when reference alignment is set to be longer than data in the alignment task

IMPROVED: Length of reference alignment is automatically set to length on alignment task when the reference alignment is set to “Full length”

IMPROVED: When the user press Cancel on the road tool then it prompts a window asking if this is really what you want to do.

Cross-section Viewer

IMPROVED: It is now possible to view each millimeter stationing along the road model (previously each centimeter)

NEW: Rightclick on sub-surface layer or terrain gives option to enter the function for Subgrade and Closed Drainage

IMPROVED: The horizontal ruler in the Cross-section Viewer is now aligned

Drawing to CAD

FIXED: Longitudinal profiles with missing terrain line is now handled better

FIXED: Longitudinal proifles with illustration objects including comma “,” is improved

FIXED: Better stability for Draw Multiple Roadmodels


Version 19.3x.FP2

Terrain shaping in Quadrimodel

Designing of terrain directly in 3D model by clicking and snapping, editing with drag and drop and rolling the mouse wheel, and terrain shaping is updated immediately.

New: We distinguish now between point elevation and elevation lines.

The big novelty is elevation lines. This tool allows you to create elevation lines along the perimeter of the terrain shape, and make outer boundary and make holes with lines inside the terrain shape. You also have the possibility to create break line. If you want to change the heights of the points on the lines, you can easily do this in point elevation mode.

Point elevation has two new functions: You can now determine the distance to the next point, and insert height and slope in the same operation.

A first use of snap with endpoint (black square) and nearest (green square) is also implemented.

<flashplayer width=480 height=314>file=/Video/Landskap/Terrengforming/Terrainshaping_english.mp4&image=/Video/Landskap/Terrengforming/Terrainshaping_english_First_Frame.png</flashplayer>

Read more here: Terrain shaping


Updates in Novapoint Railway

Alignment Design

The function for creating a 3D polyline for cable channels is completely revised, and is made more general. This is the new dialog:

Enter all sections you want to create a single 3D polyline for. You can use different methods for the height reference, and if there are gaps they will be connected using a single straight line. You can also initiate values from an existing 3D polyline by using the pick button (picked polyline is not erased).

This is the available height reference methods for railway:

  • Top lowest rail: Height is taken from the top lowest rail.
  • Bottom lowest rail: Height is taken from the bottom lowest rail.
  • Bottom nearest rail: Height is taken from the bottom nearest rail.
  • Top nearest sleeper edge: Height is taken from the top nearest sleeper edge.
  • Surface edge (Z): Height is taken from the selected surface outer edge.
  • Surface edge (X): Horizontal offset is taken from the selected surface outer edge. Height is taken from the vertical geometry.

This is the available methods for road:

  • Vert. alignment: Height is taken from the vertical geometry.
  • Surface edge (Z): Same as for rail
  • Surface edge (X): Same as for rail

For all methods there is a possibility to add extra vertical offset.

Switch Design

Clothoid switches (Norway) should now be created with the correct angle.


Several bugfixes/changes to make user experience better.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

  • Some errors in the triangulation functionality are corrected.
  • Some errors in the LandXML export are corrected.
  • The dialog for loading LandXML files is improved. This dialog is opened from the Tunnel Design dialog.
  • Errors occured when blast rounds were defined while the corresponding tunnel design dialog was not reserved. This is now corrected.

UPdates in Novapoint Water and Sewer|Cable

Version 19.3x FP2


  • IMPROVED: Extended Clean_up_DCM TaskTree function


* NEW: Extended 3D-menu with new functionality to generate Cable manholes.

* NEW: Extended functioinality in Draw 3D Cable to trim Conduit.


Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Finnish version

  • Bugfix: 423 - the geometry is updated (#6432)
  • Bugfix: 701 - the sign was not correct after adding 677 and 667a (#2817)

Norwegian version

  • Improvment: TSINFO - improved the functionality for undersigns (#5699)
  • Improvment: 560 - support for more mini symbols (#6177)
  • Bugfix: 906.0x - narrow version of the sign was missing (#6252)
  • Bugfix: 906.0x - information about size was missing (#6254)
  • Bugfix: 914.0x - information about size was missing (#6253)
  • Bugfix: FATAL ERROR - program was craching opening certain drawings with XREF (#6667)

Swedish version

  • Improvment: F5 - it's now possible to make combinations with more than one sign in one set (#4256)
  • Improvment: E & F-signs - supporting more signs that can add T1 or T2 (#5233)
  • Improvment: Font - the characters for ü, Ü and ! added (#5634)
  • Bugfix: Save image - not always correct height of sign (#6399)
  • Bugfix: TSTABLE - wrong units for width and height of signs (#6446)
  • Bugfix: TSTABLE - identical signs was not grouped on the same row (#6574)
  • Bugfix: FATAL ERROR - program was craching opening certain drawings with XREF (#6667)


Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Norwegian version

  • Bugfix: General - default properties was missing when open old drawings (#6634)


Feature Catalogue

ModuleRequired Feature CatalogueRecommended Feature Catalogue
Novapoint Base-DCM 1.05*1.12
Novapoint Base 1.05 1.121.12
Novapoint Area Planning1.051.12
Novapoint Landscape 1.051.12
Novapoint Railway 1.051.12
Novapoint Road 1.05 1.121.12
Novapoint Terrain 1.051.12
Novapoint Water and Sewer1.051.12
Novapoint Bridge 1.051.12
Novapoint Road Marking 1.051.12
Novapoint Road Sign 1.051.12
Novapoint Virtual Map N.AN.A
Novapoint Tunnel 1.111.12
Novapoint Civil Construction1.051.12
Novapoint Noise 1.051.12
Novapoint District Heating1.051.12
Novapoint ReinforcementN.AN.A
Novapoint Product LibraryN.AN.A
Novapoint Easy AccessN.AN.A
Novapoint Geosuite1.091.12

* Building/Roof-task requires Quadri_1918_1.12 to make buildings as result

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