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Ground surface/Sub surface

When tasks and features selected in elevation input are reimported, the breakline settings are lost. Go into settings to set them again.


Mass calculations

  • Mass calculations gives wrong values for the road bed area and pavement volumes. For mass calculations we therefore recommend using 19.3x.FP2d until this is fixed.
    FIXED in FP3a

Result objects for surfaces missing

  • Happens when road model doesn't round off correctly on either start or end chainage. Solution is to turn off “Full length” for the reference alignment and do the round off manually.

Multiple soil sub-surface layers

  • When having multiple sub-surface layers the “To terrain” on multiple cut surfaces does not recognize rock after soil.

Advanced soft-soil removal

  • When using advanced soft-soil removal it can give strange results to inner slope, road surfaces and mass calculations in some cases. Also the top-soil surface, if used, disappears.

Insert Edge on Pavement

  • When using Insert Edge on the pavement there is a strange result going across the cross-section in the Cross-section viewer. The error is only shown in Cross-section Viewer and does not affect volume calculations or the result features.
    Fixed in FP3a when using Insert Edge on the median.

Draw Longitudinal Profile to AutoCAD

  • The terrain surface is in some cases drawn multiple times and goes back and forth in the longitudinal profile.


Catenary Modelling

If the reference alignment does not start With zero the function can crash AutoCAD.

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