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Novapoint 19.3x

If you use QuadriDCM, this version can only be used with QuadriDCM 1.3 or newer.

Version 19.3x

Updates in NovapointDCM Base


NEW: Task info. Possibility to add documentation to all task types. User can fill in a description of the task and/or attach files to it. This will replace the Group task functionality to add attachments to tasks. Note that total number of attachments and their sizes might affect the time to share/receive when in a shared QuadriDCM model.

NEW: Warning Icon when a feature or task with Read Only status has been updated

NEW: Unload model unloads the model from memory, but there will still be a reference to it in the binder, so later it can be reloaded.

IMPROVED: The pulldownlists used for reference to other tasks in the different tools are now sorted alphabetically.

NEW: The Swedish Mapping Cadastral and Land Registration Authority’s (Lantmäteriet) library GTRANS is now embedded.

IMPROVED: The embedded library from The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s (Kartverket) to convert from NN54 to/from NN2000 is updated to the newest available version (2015A). This new updated version covers:

  1. Østfold, all
  2. Akershus all
  3. Oslo, all
  4. Hedmark: Hamar, Ringsaker, Løten, Stange, Kongsvinger, Nord-Odal, Sør-Odal, Eidskog, Grue, Åsnes, Våler, Elverum, Os, Folldal, Alvdal, Tynset, Tolga and Rendalen
  5. Oppland, all
  6. Buskerud, all
  7. Vestfold, all
  8. Telemark: Skien, Porsgrunn, Bamble, Kragerø, Drangedal and Siljan
  9. Aust-Agder: Iveland, Birkenes and Lillesand
  10. Vest-Agder, all
  11. Rogaland, all
  12. Hordaland, all (However, only preliminary for Bergen)
  13. Sogn og Fjordane, all
  14. Møre og Romsdal: Sande, Vanylven, Volda, Ørsta, Stranda, Norddal, Stordal, Sykkylven, Ulstein, Hareid, Sula, Ålesund, Skodje, Ørskog, Vestnes, Sandøy
  15. Sør-Trøndelag, all
  16. Nord-Trøndelag, all

Some modifications for Vest-Agder, Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Møre og Romsdal

Edit associated features

When editing points of lines that are associated boundaries to features with surface, the surface will update and follow the edited boundary.

Settings stored

Novapoint settings (N > Settings) will be stored and reused when installing main versions. Thus changes in settings you have done in 19.20/19.25 will be used in 19.30/19.35 installation.

Dynamic Query dialog

NEW: In Filter, added the ability to filter some general attributes, Feature name and Planned or Existing (Life cycle).


IMPROVED: Meassure can now be used also in section windows


NEW: Attachment, possibility to add attachment to features. If task(s) is selected, then the attachment and/or links are attached to all the result features of the selected task. To connect attachment to tasks, we advice to use the Documentation button that you now find in all task types.

External Data Sources

IMROVED: WMS - Transformation “on the fly.” Supports WMS services in WGS84/UTM zones in model with CRS ETRS89/NTM zones. NEW: ONLY NORWEGIAN CONFIG: Added WMS templates from Geonorge, NGU and NVE

NEW: WMS - If one needs to log in with user name and password to the WMS, then a dialog will appear to fill in. It is also possible to add username and password directly to url with syntax: http://username:password@url. It will be stored to the WMS task IMPROVED:WMS - If the WMS provider cannot open, a message will show in Process info that it was unable to open


Ground surface/Sub surface

NEW: In Settings there are new functionalities: Keep TIN:

For TIN geometries, user can select to use lowest, highest or surface with best quality. If quality is selected, user can also edit the list, where the top feature of the list has the highest priority. For the new result, usesr can select to Keep feature type(s) and metadata.

FIXED: In sub surface it was not possible to create holes in surfaces if both indata features and surface to follow were used. This is now fixed.


NEW: Roof surface function is improved. It will in a later version be possible to create building by extruding directly in this tool.


NEW: Road model functionality added directly in ribbon. See release notes for Road.


NEW: Noise is added as its own task in Analysis. See Noise release notes for details


NEW: All presentation tasks now have possibility to store Presentation rule to the task. IMPROVED: Section windows - Can now use all zoom functionalities and also use Measure. Possibility to add a grid in the background. This can be done in N > Settings > Windows

Import files

NEW: settings button is available all through the import process.
NEW: Import from SOSI – make point cloud from points of same object type in file
Use the conversion file SOSI to Point cloud when importing.

NEW: Import from DWG – make point cloud from points same layer in file
Use the conversion file DWG to Point cloud when importing.

NEW: Import from DWG – use layer description on converting

NEW: Import ground investigations directly from another QuadriDCM server.
If you choose this import template:

then the QuadriDCM-button is activated:

If you click on this button, then you can specify an address string for another project and import ground investigation data from this project.

This Project can be located on another server and/or in another model than the one you are working in.

The syntax of the address string is the same as specified for the preview functionality for ground investigations.

IMPROVED: Surface from 3D face on same layer has been improved.
IMPROVED: LAS file classes are read from files
IMPROVED: SHP files read attributes from Tekla to Z values

IMPROVED: LandXML – make alignment tasks directly from LandXML-alignments in file during import.

Export files

NEW: settings for accuracy on solid (in example sweep) to polyfacemesh when exporting to DWG.

IMPROVED: IFC export, set coordinates on export
IMPROVED: LandXML export, set more information on export

Preview of ground investigations

NEW: You can preview ground investigations from another QuadriDCM project in your project.
On the Insert tab you can choose this button:

Here you can specify an address string to another project and preview the data for this project.

This project can be located on another server and in another model.
The syntax of the address string is:

http://<username>:<password>@<IP-adress to the server or server name>/<application name>/<model name>/<project name>

https is used instead of http if SLL is activated on the server.

When you click on OK, a preview task is created. You can choose this preview task together with a WMS task e.g. and right-click and choose View in Plan to see where there are ground investigation data in the external project. A selection of these ground investigation bore holes can then be imported into the project by the new functionality descrribed further down.

QuadriDCM EasyAccess

  • Capacity of handling data to distributed 3D views to Easy Access, is doubled
  • Topics view inside Novapoint Base, now have the ability to activate “go to location” of a topic, only by clicking in the picture-icon in front of each topic
  • Export of topics to PDF and BCF (buildingSMART standard: report is now available. It uses the general filtering function, so you could limit you report to filtered topics
  • Click on an object to get object information (arrow up to the right in 3D view), is improved
  • Fix: in some projects, a line could be drawn with wrong geometry to Easy Access 3D view. This is now fixed
  • Fix: A limitation on Export of TIN surface to 3D view, that had a maximum capacity of aprox. 500 000 3D faces, is now fixed

Updates in Novapoint Road

Available August 2015.

Road Design tool in a new suit

Road modeling can now be done directly from Novapoint DCM Base through the road task.
Here you choose a reference alignment, start and end profiles, road standard, and as before, the calculation basis and illustration objects. To build the road model this is done when pressing the Finish-button.

Preview builds the model, but doesn't store the changes done to the model.
Finish saves all the changes done to the model, and builds the model if there has been any changes.
Cancel reverts the changes done since the last build. NOTE: The Result in 3D is based on the last build.
Med det nye båndet går det veldig raskt å definere og bygge en ny veg. I tillegg får man raskt oversikt over hvilken senterlinje og vegstandard som er benyttet for vegmodellen. Ved opprettelse av ny veg kan man velge vegstandard direkte på båndet sammen med tverrfall og breddeutvidelse.

NOTE: If you wish to change road standard at a later point, tools for this is available through Settings in the Road Standard Box. It is important to run through all the following dialogues for Typical Cross-section and Superelevation and Widening when changing road standard to apply the data.

Known errors

When creating a new road model this must be finalized with the Finish-button in Task ribbon before going further and editing the different descriptions. When failing to do so all changes done to the model will be lost and overwritten by the chosen Road Standard Template when pressing OK to save the changes.

In the Design-ribbon all the well known road functions are available and their user interface is almost as before. We think this is a more user-friendly arrangement of the functions compared to earlier, and you will hava an easier time when trying to find the appropriate functions than before.

The classical roadmodelling tool is still available in NovapointDCM 19.30 and 19.35 when double clicking the road task in NovapointDCM Base, right-clicking the road task and choose Open, or by opening the modellingtool from the menus or toolbars in CAD.

NOTE: While the classic roadmodelling tool is in use it will not be possible to edit the road model in the NovapointDCM Base Ribbons.

Drawing multiple road models

Drawing multiple road models at the same time makes for efficient drawing production.

Transforming the reference alignment

Alignment Design now supports transformation between coordinate systems UTM and NTM

Re-activating button for boundary lines

Boundary lines button in road model settings is re-activated if it has been turned of and boundary lines dialogue is edited in road surface description.

Sight analysis for every 10 meters

Sight analysis is increased from every 20 meters to now every 10 meters along a road model.

Other corrections

  • In road model settings the vertical tolerance is adjusted from 0.1m to 0.01m.
  • Wrong superelevation calculation on road models starting before profile 0.
  • Vertical dwg-window does not show correctly when multiple drawings is opened in Cad 2015/2016.
  • Rightclick and copy to opposite side in road surfaces and than choose “No” on overwriting now works properly.

Updates in Novapoint Railway

Catenary design

This is a new feature in Novapoint Railway and is built upon the existing feature 3D object along line
For more information: Catenary design

3D Modelling of conduit and cable channels

This is a new feature in Novapoint Railway. Used to model conduit and cable channels based on a template. Formore information: 3D Cable Modelling

Alignment design

Three settings have a new default value (applies to new installations or if registry settings are cleared):
Tools→Options→General: Accept Line-Line calculation is now default ON.
Data→Terrain Setup: Display road models and other alignments and Display subsurface layers is now default ON.

Two new features is now available in Alignment design:

3D polyline for cable channel

This is a railway spesific function for generating a 3D polyline for use as reference line for cable channels.

The calculation basis is the current horizontal and vertical geometry in Alignment Design.

Default horizontal offset is the horizontal offset from the reference line. Left or right right side is chosen by using the radio buttons.

Default vertical offset is an offset to be used in addition to the offset computed from the rules.

Max dist. from the chord midpoint to arc is a value for deciding the accuracy of the computed polyline.

In the grid you specify the sections to compute with the different calculations options. The default (if no section specified) is daylight.


The different methods are (V means method for vertical geometry, H means method for horizontal geometry):

V.Daylight: The height is set to top of sleeper

V.Tunnel: The height is set to top of nearest rail

V. Default: The height is set from the top lowest rail.

H.Offset: This method is used when an extra horizontal offset is needed, for example when passing installations near the track. In the Distance column you specify the extra offset and the Inc/Dec L column specify the length of the transition to/from standard offset to extra offset.

When the OK button is pressed, the 3D polyline is computed and drawn to AutoCAD.

Coordinate transformation

This function allows you to easily convert input coordinates from one coordinate reference system to another.

The function should be mainly used when importing geometry from files, e.g. TIT/NYL, LandXML and so on, and when the coordinates in the input files is in another CRS than the current model.

The work process could be like this:

  1. You open a model with a UTM CRS and want to import an alignment created in NTM
  2. Create an empty alignment task
  3. Start Alignment design and import the alignment from file(s)
  4. Use the function Coordinate transformation form the Tools menu to transform the input data from the actual NTM CRS to the UTM CRS used in the model.
  5. Then use Store to model to save the transformed alignment into the model. It is important to transform BEFORE storing the alignment into the model.

Note: Only the forizontal geometry is transformed.


Updates in Novapoint Bridge

  • The menu choice “Draw Super Elevation” works now.
  • The longitudinal profile function crashed for some projects. This is now corrected.
  • The calculation of tunnel wall elements failed in 19.35. This is now corrected.

Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

  • The registration functionality for rock support had many bugs. All known bugs are now corrected.
  • The geology and rock support registration drawing crashed when the background images were not found. This is now corrected.
  • The cross-section drawings crashed for several projects and showed strange annotations for other projects. This is now corrected.
  • The distance plan drawings were sometimes drawn with wrong colour for the distance areas. This is now corrected.
  • For a few projects, the radius annotations in the tunnel design dialog were not drawn correctly. This is now corrected.
  • For some projects, the niches were not drawn in 3D. This is now corrected.
  • The dialog for definition of crossing tunnels didn't always work as it should. This is now corrected.
  • In AutoCAD, the background images for MWD data were not drawn transparent in the areas without data. This is now corrected.
  • The triangulation-functionality didn't always work with different configuration for decimal delimitor set in the regional settings in the operation system. This is now corrected.
  • For Projects with many niches, it tok a long time to open the tunnel design dialog. This is now fast.
  • Rock type areas marked as weakness zones eclipsed other geology registrations in the registration dialog. This is now corrected.
  • 3D drawing of train contours is now working.

Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


NEW: New function on Manhole right click menu > show manhole buffer zone (graphic).

NEW: New function on Manhole right click menu > show helplines for pipe angle (graphic).

NEW: New function on Pipe right click menu > show extended reference helplines (graphic).


Updates in Novapoint Road Signs

Danish version

  • Improvment: General - translations in UI updated (#5286)

Norwegian version

  • Feature: TSLINE - it's now possible to group together several signs on a pole (#4335)
  • Feature: TSTABLE - it's now possible to draw a table for pole coordinates (#4506)
  • Improvment: TSTABLE - added a column for Pos. no. (#4507)
  • Improvment: Pole symbols - all base points redefined (#4505)
  • Improvment: TSINFO - more configuration options added (#1495)
  • Bugfix: 560.23 - there was wrong vertically order on some symbols (#5340)
  • Bugfix: 723.15 - border was not correct in standalone version (#4980)
  • Bugfix: 703.1 - TH in color-field was not updated (#4985)

Swedish version

  • Feature: General - standard version of road signs available in NovapointDCM Infrastructure Design Suite (#5463)
  • Feature: Mini - it's now possible to add F29 with 2 or 3 symbols in F-signs (#5188)
  • Bugfix: General - unknow command for MTEXT in ribbon fixed (#5265)
  • Bugfix: F10 - it's now possible to add mini & service (#5179)
  • Bugfix: F33 - the color on outer border was wrong (#5291)
  • Bugfix: F29 - text was in some case outside the border (#5088)


Version 19.3x

Updates in Novapoint Virtual Map 7.1.1

Major new features

  • Autodesk 2016 platform support (AutoCAD, Civil3D and Map3D)
  • Civil3D 2016 support
  • Clip planes to view 3d-section views in 3d-view (View menu)
  • Compressed smaller .vm file sizes

Other improvements / fixes:

  • Wrong lighting issue in 7.0.4 is now fixed
  • Fixes in Publish to VDC Live
  • Improvements in Civil3D import (bug fixes)
  • Improvements in IFC import (bug fixes)
  • Some blocks with very small 3d-rotation are rotated inaccurately
  • Tool to reset suppressed error messages (View menu)
  • Tool to reset window positions to default (View menu)
  • Exported geometry UV mapping error on fence objects
  • Export geometry exports now in absolute coordinates by default
  • Viewer freezes on Search object into - Texture information
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