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Novapoint 2020.FP1b

Quadri for Windows (formerly Novapoint Base)

Quadri for Windows is replacing the legacy product Novapoint Base as it is known in Novapoint 19 - Novapoint 21.

For release notes related to Quadri for Windows go here.

Novapoint Road


FIXED: Going to editmode in Road tasks was slow in Quadri models with many alignments.

FIXED: Quantity report from the task could in some cases cause a crash.

FIXED: Line tasks of type 'Non-Alignment Line' would loose the alignment geometry when importing one Quadrimodel into another or using QG4 import.

Alignment Design

FIXED: The dialog could freeze when editing the alignment in other visual styles than 2D Wireframe. Now Alignment Design will force the visual style to 2D Wireframe while editing, then return to the previous visual style when finishing Alignment Design.

Road cross-section and calculations

FIXED: If user applied illustration symbols in the cross-sections then the terrain cross-sections and calculation gave the wrong results.

FIXED: Editing Road tasks used as Calculation Basis did not send the user to the description of the external model.

FIXED: Softspot removal with simple method did not remove the layer properly under the road where it was not in contact with the layer.

Draw to CAD

FIXED: Draw Cross-sections where there was no data to draw could cause issues. Users now get a warning about changing the settings instead.


FIXED: Layermapping table in the Quadri function 'Export to DWG' would list the first part of the layer mapping twice when using “VegOgJernbaneTilDwg” presentation setup.

Novapoint Railway

These are the changes done in addition to what has been done for Novapoint Road.

Draw to CAD

FIXED: Drawing railway alignments didn't get the elevations that the drawing style “Luxembourg Axe En Plan” is supposed to show.

Novapoint Water and Sewer

Construction - Vertical Drawing

FIXED: The update function for trench bottom level to follow lowest pipe, did not update all trench sections correctly.

Novapoint Tunnel

Novapoint Road Sign

Finnish version


TSLINE - Improved how line and symbol is updated when user move the attached sign (#HAN-3454)

Norwegian version


834.x - The contents were not placed correctly on the sign (#HAN-3454)

Novapoint Land Use Planning

Norwegian version

FIXED: Error when transfering plan from CAD to Quadri.

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