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Migration FAQ

This page contains answers to FAQ regarding issues users have when starting to use models that have been upgraded to NP21.

1. Do I have to upgrade tasks manually?

Yes, the tasks can only be upgraded manually

2. Do we have to upgrade all the tasks marked with exclamation marks?

No, but it is recommended. Not upgraded tasks can be seen in the model with their result features, but they cannot be used for example as calculation base to other tasks or to take out quantities.

3. Do also other tasks (not marked with exclamation marks) need to be upgraded?

Remember also that the upgraded tasks will get new feature types and new feature instances, so successor tasks that have feature type and/or feature instance queries will be affected. Since the corridor models have done major changes in result features, then also export conversion rules and drawing rules are effected.

4. Do I have to upgrade the tasks in a specific order?

Yes, for Predecessor aware tasks (i.e Road, Railway and Water and Sewer) it is necessary to upgrade their preceding tasks first.

5. How much time will it take to update the tasks in the model/workset?

That depends mainly on how many Alignment, Road, Railway and Water and Sewer tasks that needs to be updated.

6. What are the consequences if I select to upgrade only some of the tasks?

All tasks that are not upgraded, cannot be used in the Quadri model for anything else then viewing and export.

7. It takes long time to upgrade models. Can I do anything to improve performance?

It can help to close all windows when upgrading models, then time is not spend on updating the windows.

A known issue that can cause slow calculation:

In some cases where the calculation Base (i.e Ground surface or Sub surface) have been imported/reimported, the result feature Property Medium is not set. When Medium is not set on the feature in calculation base, the Road/Railway calculation will run slower. Select the Calculation base features and check if Medium is set.

8. Why are some tasks in Dynamic Query dialog not possible to select?

Alignment, Road, Railway and Water and Sewer tasks that are not upgraded are visible in Dynamic Query, but not selectable. They must be upgraded in order to be selected.

9. When I select to view tasks and features in 3D, why does it look different then before upgrade?

There are new features in use with different use of the attributes. The drawing rules are based on feature types and attributes. If you have user defined drawing rules from NP20, then you’ll have to update these to fit with the new feature and attribute types especially for Alignment, Road, Railway and Water and Sewer.

Another change that affects how presentation in 3D window look, is that the default drawing rule is changed from Basic3D (NP20) to Default (NP20.) User can change the default drawing rules used for all windows in N> Options> Windows.

10. Why are for example my GroundSurface result Features rendered in strange color when using Default drawing rule?

The Default drawing rule is mainly splitted in two, based on the Proposed or Existing attribute. When this attribute is not set for a drawn feature, the feature is drawn by the ‘grey/yellow’ default rule. To get a proper texture/color, set the Proposed or Existing attribute:

11. Existing Export tasks, do I have to change them after upgrading tasks?

Upgrading tasks (Road, Railway, Alignment, Water & Sewer) will create new feature types, so conversion rules in Export tasks must be changed.

12. Why are some feature types named “-DEPRECATED”?

These are feature types that are replaced other ones. These feature types should not be used as Result feature types.

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