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Known Issues

Novapoint Base

3D presentations

In 3D presentations where transparency are used, it is not possible to select the transparent feature/surface by selecting it with marker in the window. Workaround is to select its task and use Select Result.

Settings (Road, Elevation, Alignment, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface)

If a user creates/edits one of these tasks types and uses the new possibilities in Settings (introduced in NP21.0XFP1) for these tasks, and the task is opened and editted/recalculated in NP21.0X, these settings set with FP1 version will be lost.

Priority in settings (Road, Elevation, Alignment, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface, W&S, Height)

When creating a new task and go into settings and check the Priority list WITHOUT click to edit priority list and save settings, the list of priority will (in most cases) change when you edit the task. When reopening Settings in editing the task, the priority list will reflect the calculation order.

Features that have medium not set to On groundsurface will be listed in priority list, but not used in calculation.

Novapoint Road

Novapoint Tunnel

* LandXML export: Exported longitudinal lines are not correct for all situations

* Distancle plan drawing is not drawn for all situations.

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