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Novapoint 21.FP1


Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update contains general bug fixes and improvements

IMPROVED: Opening 3D windows from “View in 3D” from selected tasks/features in Explorer are now quicker. These windows are now opened with drawing rule Sketch. This can be changed from N > Options > Windows

N > Options

NEW: In N > Options > Windows, user can now set the default drawing rule for Presentation task and for 'View in plan/3D“ separately for both plan and 3D windows.


NEW: Select multiple Import tasks, right mouse click and select “Run as batch”. A re-import of all the selected import tasks will be done. (Exceptions are the Geosuite Project and RailML imports that must be run separately)


NEW: External Data Sources > Tekla Civil. This is a new external data source task for Finnish customers to be able to connect to Tekla Civil functionalities.



NEW/CHANGED: Subsurface tool has been improved so that when both indata with point geometry and Surface to follow is combined, then the result TIN surface will follow the selected indata points (previously only points at the boundary were included in the final TIN result.) Also the setting for Remove long-edged triangles works when both indata and Surface to follow is selected.

Road, Elevation, Alignment, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface

NEW: Settings dialog added with possibility to set Phase, medium and Generic Attribute to result features for relevant tasks.

Road, Elevation, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface

NEW: Priority in Calculation Base added in Setting for Road, Elevation, Railway, Terrain Shaping and Slope surface. In Settings in each tool, user can go into TIN priority and change the priority of calculation base. The task on top of list will have the highest priority.


Presentation Setup

IMPROVED: ColorStripe and TextSymbol renderhandlers have now UI to change the parameters.

Table View

NEW:You can now save and compare results if you eg. change and build a road again

Drawing Rule Editor

IMPROVED: Bug fixes in drawing rule editor. See Drawing rule editor User Guide for more description.


NEW: Added possibility to export 3D presentation to 3Dpdf Run the tool and select a 3D presentation or active view to export. It is advised to only use for smaller parts of the model as 3Dpdf does not support large amount of features. Use the Select Features possibilities in the tool to minimize amount of features to export.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Road task

NEW: Settingsbutton for the task.

NEW: Possible to set phase existing/planned to result features for the whole task

NEW: Possible to add generic attributes to result features for the whole task

NEW: User-defined prioritazion of calculation basis for the task.

Since the Settings-function on the Road task is a new function for NP21.FP1, editing the task in previous versions will cause the content/changes in the Settings function to be cleared from the task.

3D results

IMPROVED: Stakeout strings are generally improved.

IMPROVED: Stakeout strings for inner fillslope and out the the end of the cross-section separates between the inner and outer edgeline in the naming.

Cross-section Viewer

IMPROVED: Errormessages shown together with the text in the profile.

IMPROVED: Telling if the profile is a result of the Calculation interval, extra profiles or changes in the description.

Road surface description

NEW: Copy surface description also includes alignments as surface edge that are defined.

REMOVED: Save/Delete surface edge as alignment for 'Boundaries'

IMPROVED: Alignments as surface edge with non-unique names within the first 24 characters are now handled correctly and also shows the full name.


IMPROVED: Scrollbar at the bottom is removed. All tabs now shows better.

IMPROVED: Changes in size on the dialog is remembered until next time.

IMPROVED: Pavement description for a layer can be copied across pavement templates on right-click menu. Also includes the insert edge function.

FIXED: Copy pavement description to the opposite side did not always work.

Advanced pavement

FIXED: Changing from surface slope method 3 to method 1 made the pull-down list for surface not available. Had to change method again to fix it.

IMPROVED: Deep blasting with missing end surface description gives a message about this and now works as for advanced pavement.


FIXED: Now possible to edit the startpoint from alignment without having to delete it first.

Subgrade dialog

FIXED: 'Apply'-button did not work all places.

Draw Planpresentation

FIXED: Drawing out contour lines now shows the main contour lines correctly as shown in the plan presentation.

FIXED: Drawing contour lines could get a shifting of the contours on some surfaces so that they were drawn on the contour for 1cm higher or lower. (NOTE: The contour line and value drawn was correct, but it was not drawing the correct contour.)


Corrections in Novapoint Bridge

Corrected: The unstable functionality in Novapoint Bridge from Novapoint 21 is now corrected.


Corrections in Novapoint Tunnel

CORRECTED: Tunnel tasks migrated from Novapoint 20 to Novapoint 21 do now work as they should.

CORRECTED: The functionality for laser scanning works now as it should.

CORRECTED: To open the dialog for geology- and rock support registration is now as fast in Novapoint 21 as it is in Novapoint 20.


Updates in Water and Sewer

Version 21.00 FP1


  • CHANGED: Removed WS Task Template “Status_Phase Existing” from NP-install. Phase existing can now be activated from task settings menu.
  • NEW: User defined Pipe- and Connection ID now saved in Quadri model
  • NEW: Settings menu added on WS subtask (trench task) to be able to Set User defined properties on the Trench task result


  • FIXED: When drawing detailed manhole sketch with group-setting,the position of the manholes was mirrored


  • NEW: InfraModel format from WS model


  • FIXED: Attach to Road on right click pipe menu was not activated
  • NEW: Possibility to name trenches with Cross Section name
  • NEW: Construction graphic - possibility to turn off node name in the vertical window.

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Finnish version

  • NEW: Store to Quadri - It's now possible to store 3D-signs directly from dwg to Quadri (#HAN-858)
  • IMPROVED: 3D-sign - Added support for user defined layer settings for 3D-objects (#HAN-897)

Norwegian version

  • NEW: Store to Quadri - It's now possible to store 3D-signs directly from dwg to Quadri (#HAN-858)
  • IMPROVED: 3D-sign - Added support for user defined layer settings for 3D-objects (#HAN-897)
  • FIXED: RSTABLE - Value for BC was missing in the table (#HAN-912)
  • FIXED: RSTABLE - Illustrations for rotated sign combinations was not ok (#HAN-921)
  • FIXED: General - Orange was missing as background colour in colorfield (#HAN-898)
  • FIXED: 521.x - Program was using a wrong sign number (#HAN-929)
  • FIXED: 601 - Added support for size US (#HAN-1000)
  • FIXED: 362.xx - Added support for size US (#HAN-1001)
  • FIXED: 729.1 - Added support for TH=105 (#HAN-894)

Swedish version

  • NEW: Store to Quadri - It's now possible to store 3D-signs directly from dwg to Quadri (#HAN-858)
  • IMPROVED: 3D-sign - Added support for user defined layer settings for 3D-objects (#HAN-897)

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

Finnish version

  • FIXED: NP Base - “SpeedBumpMarking” was missing from “Default” drawing rule (#934)
  • FIXED: Edit properties - It was not possible to edit properties for “SpeedBumpMarking” in AutoCAD (#935)

Update QuadriDCM Easy Access

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