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Novapoint 21.FP2


Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update mostly contains bug fixes and improvements, and a few new capabilities.


NEW: Topics has now got their graphical representation - topic markers - in both Plan and 3D Windows. Topic type is reflected in an overlay icon, and topic status is reflected in a backdrop colour. Both of them are configurable, and you can turn all topic markers on and off.


NEW: External Data Sources > Design. This is a task type for connecting to external design applications running alongside Novapoint Base, based on selecting a task template for that application. For FP2 one application is using this task type: Tekla Civil.

Design Tool

NEW: External Data Sources > WMTS. Support for WMTS (Web Map Tile Services). Compared to WMS, WMTS typically has better performance.


Road, Elevation, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface

IMPROVED: Priority in Calculation Base is added in Settings for both Road, Elevation, Railway, Terrain Shaping and Slope surface. In Settings in each tool, you can now use a collection task, and it will be expanded in the table.


Presentation Setup

NEW: Overlay color

Possibility to define overlaying semi transparent colours in the presentation rule (master colours on nodes) It is not supported on theme rules and textures.

Table View

NEW: Column for unit.

NEW: Option for grouping in Setting (task as first/last subgroup)

NEW: Hyperlink is added to feature name for 'instance style' to select the feature/link to feature explorer

IMPROVED: Better performance when displaying classification task

Volume Tool

IMPROVED: In general the volume calculation handles more use cases, and with better accuracy.

IMPROVED: Performance of volume calculation is better

IMPROVED: Surface priority settings are included for both comparison and base surface

Presentation Rule Editor

IMPROVED: Bug fixes.


Updates in Novapoint Road

Plan Presentation

NEW: New render handlers to handle alignment information;

  • AlignmentPointInfo places information along alignments based on intervals or keypoints.
  • AlingmentSegmentInfo places information along alingments based on information for the different segments/elements in the alignment.

NEW: New render handler to handle modelinformation connected to the alignment;
SurfaceCrossSlopeAndWidthInfo draws information perpendicular to the alignment for;

  • Slope Symbols
  • Surface width
  • Surface slope

NEW: “Draw Road Model”-presentationsetup for plan drawings available in Novapoint Base.
The Presentation Setup is available under Discipline > Road >.

  • Horizontal drawingstyle Dralin-2, Draling-4, NovapointCL
  • Draw Road Edges
  • Draw Slope Symbols
  • Draw Hatched Surfaces (prepared to draw based on function or material)
  • Draw Contour Lines
  • Existing situation

Alignment Design

IMPROVED: When deleting an alignment object from the model it can still be retreived from the task if needed.

FIXED: Deleting helplines in vertical window could crash.

FIXED: “Get Fixed Points from Results” would fail.

Road task

FIXED: Upgrading road task could fail.

FIXED: Some upgraded road tasks were not possible to continue working in.

Build model

IMPROVED: Calculation speed is improved compared to previous versions of Novapoint 21.

FIXED: Advanced removal of soft soil did not work without use of inner fillslope. Could also crash in some cases.

IMPROVED: Reduced number of error codes for splitting surface in two or more surfaces (code 400028).


FIXED: 'End' on pavement layers was not transfered when upgrading from NP20 to NP21.

IMPROVED: The new pavement layers Base course 3 and Sub-base course 3 now inherits necessary information from the layers above so they do not all get values of 0.000.

Cross-section Viewer

FIXED: 'Illustration symbols'-function missed the illustration symbols.

Normal quantity report to Excel

FIXED: Roads in an S-curve had the quantities being read multiple times as the cross-section crossed the road multiple times. The quantities were then wrong.

Export to LandXML with topologi

REPLACED: 'Setting Out Data'-dialog that was removed from road task did not have an alternative. Export from Novapoint Base now is supporting topology.


IMPROVED: Conversion rules for export to IFC is updated with many of the attributes from Novapoint objects. Also added COMMON property for Color in the IFC-file.

Here shown from the IFC-file in BIMVision (from Road2IFC conversion file):

Draw Horizontal Geometry

FIXED: Cases of slow draw out of alignment for serverprojects.

Draw Road Model

FIXED: Crash in some cases when drawing with slope symbols.

FIXED: Loading templatefile for *.ModelDwgCfg failed.

FIXED: Draw elevations were missing for the alignment.

Draw Cross-sections

FIXED: Mass hatches and legend is now back.


Updates in Novapoint Landscape

Planting design

FIX: Edit symbol description: a bug which prevented you to select multiple tree symbols in order to edit plant name etc. is now fixed FIX: Plant bed: A bug which caused faulty generation av plant symbols inside the plant bed, is now fixed

Linetype library (Draw/Change)

FIX: A bug that caused the change-button not adjusting the attribute on selected lines, is now fixed


IMPROVEMENT: Illustration: Possibility to get elevation from Quadri model is added.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

NEW: 3D-Drawing: It is now possible to draw rock support bolts in 3D. Note: This can lead to large models when the 3D-drawings are imported back into Quadri again.

CORRECTED: The 3D-Drawing functionality sometimes failed when using Civil 3D and Windows 7. This is now corrected.


Version 21.00 FP2

REMARK: Regarding volumes. In Excel Quantity report ‘pipe volume is subtracted from trench solid volume’. In Quadri, it’s full volume.

Updates in Novapoint WS|Cable


  • IMPROVED: Better 3D presentation of pipes in break points

Export - InfraModel

  • FIXED: Bug in InfraModel export from WS; caused by mm ↔ m mistake reading pipe dimensions when calculating the invert elevation of pipes with reference point at outer top.


  • NEW: Manhole > Connected pipes; shows offset from center for pipe start-/end point.
  • NEW: Show pipe angles in manhole (activate from Tools menu)
  • NEW: In vertical window; possible to move pipes vertically in trench (same UI as for editing gradient)


  • NEW: Added new chunk for Terrain analysis tools

Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Finnish version

  • NEW: Store to Quadri - It's now possible to store 3D-signs directly from dwg to Quadri with sign texture
  • IMPROVED: 3D-sign - Improved the geometry for som if the 3D-objects (#HAN-1254, #HAN-1255, #HAN-1259)

Norwegian version

  • NEW: Store to Quadri - It's now possible to store 3D-signs directly from dwg to Quadri with sign texture
  • IMPROVED: 3D-sign - Improved the geometry for som if the 3D-objects (#HAN-1171, #HAN-1180, #HAN-1181)
  • FIXED: 3D-sign - The information about sign number disappeared after edit plate (#HAN-1190)
  • FIXED: RSTABLE - Sorting/grouping of signs was not correct (#HAN-1309)
  • FIXED: Save Image - Sign 829.x was not correct (#HAN-1168)
  • FIXED: 709.2 and 719.2 - Border was only correct on blue background (#HAN-1186)

Swedish version

  • NEW: Store to Quadri - It's now possible to store 3D-signs directly from dwg to Quadri with sign texture
  • IMPROVED: 3D-sign - Improved the geometry for som if the 3D-objects (#HAN-1218)
  • FIXED: CoordinateTable - Changed the wording of X & Y to N & E (#HAN-1187)
  • FIXED: Pole symbol - Insertion point for “NY_VM_FKS” was not correct if rotated (#HAN-1205)
  • FIXED: T11-3 - The size was not correct (#HAN-1225)
Texturized road signs

This update contains long-awaited new functionality for Novapoint Road Sign. The “Save to Quadri” feature is significantly improved and now automatically stores a png-file of the sign face when storing data to the Quadri model. This means that the 3D view now automatically render a texturized version of the sign.

Note: The functionality is currently only available in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish localizations.

Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions
  • NEW: IFC - Road marking now has dedicated conversion rule “Road Marking 2 IFC” in Novapoint Base, for exporting road marking information to IFC (#HAN-1277)

Update Quadri Easy Access

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