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Novapoint 21.FP3b

Updates in Novapoint Base


FIXED: Crash in conversion rule editor, when importing from txt file


Updates in Novapoint Road

Build road task

FIXED: Crash in some models when volumes are ON.

FIXED: Crash because of 3D presentation with transparency.

FIXED: Crash with errorcode -202 when building roadtask or editing in descriptions.

Pavement Quantities

FIXED: All pavement quantities are missing from 3D results because of errors in a configuration file on the TEMP-area.

FIXED: Very big/small quantities in cases where alignments as surface edge starts/stops in the roadmodels start/end chainage.

Presentation in Novapoint Base

IMPROVED: Cut roundings are separated in an own rule in the Sketch Presentation Rule, as done in Default and Basic3D. Cut roundings are now turned ON as default.

Draw to CAD

FIXED: Landscaping is now drawn and on the correct layer.

FIXED: Lines for rock shelf and stripping was not drawn correctly and was drawn together with the alignment.

FIXED: Crash when drawing longitudinal profile on a non-reserved task. Lead to a following error and problems with building the road task. See KNOWN ISSUES for more information.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

CORRECTED: The triangulation functionality is now working as it should.

CORRECTED: Several errors are corrected in the functionality for LandXML export of closed tunnel profiles.


Update Quadri Easy Access

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