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Novapoint 21.FP4

Updates in Novapoint Base


NEW: Support for AutoCAD 2020 products

FIXED: This Feature Pack contains general bug fixes and improvements

NEW: Open workset from the start page

IMPROVED: Default location for new Binders created in the context of Join a Project or Open Workset is now the folder where you recently created or opened a Binder.

NEW: You can now easily Join a Project by using a URL to the project.A project manager can easily provide a complete URL to the project team by Copy - Paste from the QMM page where projects are defined.

Drawing rules editor

IMPROVED: Add possibility to save themes separately from PS

FIXED: Problem with reading/writing drawing rule with themes

Convertion rules

FIXED: Creating netelement without creating feature

NEW: Save button in edit dialog

NEW: Up/down buttons to re-arrange order of convertion rules


FIXED: Orthophoto not showing correctly in EA, ok in NP base

FIXED: Bug when first time zooming in data with WMS

FIXED: Crash when clicking save as task while another task is in edit mode

FIXED: SketchUp - Result feature doesn't add to modified

FIXED: DGN Import: Missing solid


IMPROVED: SketchUp - import Sketchup to Novapoint part

NEW: Conversion rule for SOSI 5

NEW: Implement re-import option: read new and modified files only

NEW: Import from folder

NEW: Import of DANDAS format

NEW: Possibility to run tasks based on prescheduling, Import run as a batch, can now use Windows Task Scheduler to automatically start an import from a folder, and share to server during night, to upgrade eg. terrain data if new/changed files, and add to model. Guide here.

Modelling (extrude/sweep)

FIXED: Bugfixing and improvments

NP20 - > NP21 Migration

NEW: New tool - Upgrade corridore tasks: Help when upgrading a model from NP20 to NP21, used to upgrade tasks like: ROAD, RAILWAY and W&S and all its dependencies, inlcuding the alignements. You can select which ones you want to upgrade and all are done autmatically.


FIXED: Login problem

FIXED: Error supporting large files



FIXED: Drawing Rule editor - Adding insertion point to text render handler

FIXED: Table view tool crash when use trim feature

Dynamic query (clip boundary)

NEW: Option to select a feature type to clip

NEW: Clip boundary export to file

NEW: Dynamic Query control able to query by the feature shape

NEW: Functionality for selcting object only based on attribute values



FIXED: DWG Export: Export Road Model as DWG does not export all (error message)

Civil3D Connector

FIXED: Civil3D Connector does not import a Comparison surface (TIN Volume Surface)

FIXED: Civil3D Connector has problem with creating task

IMPROVED: Updating the Civil3D Connector task with new and exsisting object is unstable.

Easy Access

NEW: Support export of ortophoto to Easy Access

NEW: Support export of text to Easy Access

IMPROVED: Transparency/hole in model now works in Easy Access


IMPROVED: Added support for SketchUp 2019


Updates in Novapoint Road

For changes related to specific countries/configs check these links:
Denmark | Finland | France | Norway | Sweden

NOTE: For updates on the Intersection task please go here.

Road task

CHANGED: Tasktemplate naming for “From Existing Model” to specify the filename intended for each template (*.DMI) or (*.GEN).

FIXED: Exported PARAM would not import in some cases because of line-shift in the file.

FIXED: Road tasks created without using automatic crossfall/superelevation calculation did not get the “Usage” checkbox for Crossfall left/right set in the road surface properties. Resulted in crossfall not being drawn in longitudinal profile.

FIXED: Upgrading a roadtask not build in Novapoint 19.30 or later did not get the correct conversion rules in the task.

Conversion rules

CHANGED: Landscaping surface feature changed from TrafficSeparator to FillSlope.

CHANGED: The inner slope surface attribute 'layerDescription>name' now has the value 'PAVEMENT_INNER_SLOPE'. Attributes for texture and generalMaterialTypes have been removed as they will never be correct.

Build model

IMPROVED/FIXED: New methodology to build 3D results gives the model high/significant speed improvements in step 3 for most models compared to NP21.FP3 and earlier. No models should be slower with the new solution.

IMPROVED/FIXED: 'Generic attributes' from Task Settings were not applied when building from the old road tool (Road.exe)

IMPROVED/FIXED: Editing the Task Settings did not trigger a rebuild of the road task when pressing “Finish” on the task.

NEW/IMPROVED: Better warnings/information to user when there is much data to process.

  • Performance notification when exceeding 15000 cross-sections.

  • Performance notification when amount of data in cross-sections are high (more than 1500 objects as average)

NEW/IMPROVED: Better handling when there is too much data to handle.

  • Data missing in the cross-section was mentioned only once as “Truncation”. Now lists all cross-sections and group them.

  • Number of cross-sections exceeding 30000 just stopped the build at step 1. Now gives a warning in process info similar to when exceeding 15000 cross-sections.

IMPROVED/FIXED: Fewer warnings/messages with “Errorcode 400028; Splitting surface in two or more surfaces.”

CHANGED/FIXED: When turning solids OFF in roadmodel settings:

  • Inner slope surface is now showing. It was not showing in the FP3 releases.
  • Landscaping surfaces were missing.

FIXED: Tight corners with overlapping cross-sections in 3D now has improved results and works OK again.

FIXED: Issues with vegetation removal solid not created correctly.

FIXED: Some cases of missing pavement solids.

FIXED: Many illustration symbols in the cross-section could cause the cross-section results to change.

FIXED: Cases with overflow of data causing the cross-section to fail.

FIXED: Deep blasting vertical line did go too far in some cases.

FIXED: Roadtasks created before NP21.FP3 had issues for the qualityfill below terrain for situations with soilremoval (topsoil, vegetation, softsoil removal). Qualityfill ended up as a cut feature.

FIXED: Issues with softspot removal and the 3Dresults when using soiltype [12] for the subgrade surface.


NEW/IMPROVED: New dialog for quantity reports.

  • Option for only summary report (only for Novapoint quantity reports)
  • User-defined fixed interval
  • As calculation interval
  • Combined report with no sectioning

IMPROVED: Performance/speed when producing the report is generally improved.

FIXED: Summary report is back as an option in the dialog. Use the checkbox for summary report.

FIXED: Rockcut < 1m thickness was deducted from the overall rock quantity column in the tab for Rockcut < 1m.

FIXED: Cases of crash when extracting the report

Cross-section Viewer

IMPROVED: Filtering data in the cross-section for better performance and to remove unnecessary data. Removed polygons representing solids from corridor design modules, and points from stringlines.

IMPROVED: Increased speed when zooming with much data in the cross-section (illustration objects from task, illustration symbols or other).

IMPROVED: For non-reserved road tasks it was possible to write any chainage to view it, but it had nothing to show. Now gives warning about the need to reserve task first.

Road surface dialog

IMPROVED/CHANGED: Number of tablerows extended to 2000 pr. surface. Previous limit was 500 rows.

IMPROVED/FIXED: Boundary table would revert “Object” column to default English text when using other configurations than International/English.

Advanced Pavement

IMPROVED: Deep blasting depth was only possible to set with one decimal accuracy. Now 3 decimals are stored.

FIXED: Dialog did not set the alignment name when using alignment as surface edge.

Other dialogs

IMPROVED: Better naming of the symbols in dropdown list for dialog “Illustration objects in Cross-sections”.

FIXED: Draw Sketch CS drawings from the road task to PDF did set the legend correctly.

Alignment Design

IMPROVED: When changing fixation from 'Fixed' to 'Partially fixed' the initial placement of the fixation point (triangle) is at the middle of the element. Previously it was put at the end of the element.

IMPROVED: Performance optimized for read/write of geometry to Quadri.

Other CAD functionality

IMPROVED/FIXED: Vehicle Track Analysis: paths are now editable.

FIXED: Vehicle Track Analysis: When creating user-defined template it would crash if not a user-defined “Standard” was set in the dialog.

FIXED: Issues with draw CS failing.

FIXED: Draw LP with terrain profile offset were missing functionality in NP21. Now they are now possible to set in the Draw LP dialog.

FIXED: Draw Road model did not always remember all the layername when setting this up in the dialog.

Presentation Setup in Base

IMPROVED: “Default” presentation setup did not draw Kerb surface when the feature did not have attribute generalMaterialType set.

Export from Base

FIXED: Export to LandXML with Parabolic curves in the vertical geometry did not work


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

CORRECTED: Errors in the heat map showing the distances between two surfaces are now corrected.


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer


FIXED: Offset distance for pipe to center manhole was not kept using Move_manhole command

FIXED: Pipe slope was wrong after adding adding horizontal breakpoints

FIXED: Offset of trench related to road/railroad model did not move the manholes

FIXED: Function “Not show trench” in graphic did not synchronize plan and vertical presentations in some cases

FIXED: A non existing taper dimension was in some cases displayed in the Multi edit manhole dialogue

FIXED: Using “Show pipe angles” in Construction Tools menu, caused problem in graphical update of vertical temp drawing. Problem with graphic happen for trenches that are connected in a common node. Some parts of the presentation is missing, and doesn't present active trench but parts of other trench (manholes and ref lines).

NEW: Added edit function “Snap pipes to center” on Connection right click menu


FIXED: Support for special signs

FIXED: User defined linetypes was not presented in Config list

Base (Quadri desktop)

UPDATED: Extend sub grouping in TableView to support attribute with 'double' type


Updates in Novapoint Road Sign

Belgian version

  • NEW: User Defined Signs - Added support for creating user definded signs from closed polylines (#HAN-1504)
  • NEW: 3DSIGN - Added support for 3D-signs (#HAN-1441)
  • NEW: Store to Quadri - Added support for store 3D-signs to Quadri (#HAN-1441)
  • NEW: TSEXPLODE - Added support for explode to color (#HAN-1443)

Danish version

  • FIXED: F21.3 - The sign is now part of the “standard version” (#HAN-1655)

Finnish version

  • NEW: User Defined Signs - Added support for creating user definded signs from closed polylines (#HAN-1504)
  • NEW: 3DPORTAL - New function to design portal and gantry in 3D (#HAN-1595)
  • IMPROVED: General - OSNAP to pole symbols now snap to the geometry not only the insertion point (#HAN-1593)
  • IMPROVED: CUIX - Cleanup in the ribon menu (#HAN-1574)
  • IMPROVED: 3DSIGN - Improved “Draw 3D-signs” to support a fast 3D option (#HAN-1461)
  • IMPROVED: 3DSIGN - Cleanup in translation of the user interface (#HAN-1614)
  • IMPROVED: 3DSIGN - Added support for “bracket” on top of pole ø60 (#HAN-1584)

Norwegian version

  • NEW: User Defined Signs - Added support for creating user definded signs from closed polylines (#HAN-1504)
  • NEW: 3DPORTAL - New function to design portal and gantry in 3D (#HAN-1595)
  • IMPROVED: 3DSIGN - Improved “Draw 3D-signs” to support a fast 3D option (#HAN-1461)
  • IMPROVED: 640.30 - The geometry is updated (#HAN-1518)
  • IMPROVED: 828.2-3 - Added signs for left and right versions (#HAN-1565)
  • FIXED: 75x.xx - The character “g” in “Ring” was to big when no number after (#HAN-1515)
  • FIXED: 75x.xx - The service symbol was not 12/7 TH in size (#HAN-1514)

Swedish version

  • NEW: User Defined Signs - Added support for creating user definded signs from closed polylines (#HAN-1504)
  • NEW: 3DPORTAL - New function to design portal and gantry in 3D (#HAN-1595)
  • IMPROVED: 3DSIGN - Improved “Draw 3D-signs” to support a fast 3D option (#HAN-1461)
  • FIXED: VSK-xxx - Changed the color code for blue (#HAN-1557)

3D-Sign (Portal)

There is now support for creating sign layouts with full- and half portals.

User-defined signs

Now there is support for entering user-defined signs. The signs use closed polylines as a basis. The signs that are created cannot be edited dynamically in the program.


Updates in Novapoint Road Marking

All versions

  • NEW: RMTABLE - The function now using standard AutoCAD table (#HAN-1462)
  • IMPROVED: RMTABLE - Added support for more datatypes in the table (#HAN-1560)
  • FIXED: RMTABLE - The property for “note” was not drawn to table (#HAN-1641)
  • FIXED: Store to Quadri - Fixed an error when store NMLine if the value for both from and to is 0 (#HAN-1478)
  • FIXED: Store to Quadri - Fixed an error when store when rmpolygons not created ok (#HAN-1500)

Finnish version

  • IMPROVED: CUIX - Cleanup in the ribon menu (#HAN-1573)
  • FIXED: RMTABLE - Improved the area calculation for hatched areas (#HAN-1592)

Norwegian version

  • IMPROVED: Bicycle lanes - Added support to follow polyline (#1506)

Swedish version

  • IMPROVED: DrawRefForLine - Added support for name of “linetype” along the NMLINE (#1561)

Update Quadri Easy Access

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