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Novapoint 21.FP4a


Updates in Novapoint Road

For changes related to specific countries/configs check these links:
Denmark | Finland | France | Norway | Sweden

NOTE: For updates on the Intersection task please go here.

Build model

IMPROVED/FIXED: Roadmodels going in circle and crossing itself had strange results.

FIXED: Quality fill had some strange triangulations in some cases

FIXED: Terrain profiles in cross-sections took a shortcut when the TIN (from LandXML) was corrupted/bad data.

Aligment Design

FIXED: Opening an alignment after use of “Trim Horizontal Geometry” set the wrong start chainage.

Draw to CAD

IMPROVED/FIXED: Update Longitudinal Profile / Cross-sections could crash when 3rd party clean-up tools had deleted necessary TEMP-files for the function.


FIXED: Help-button didn't work.

FIXED: Turning OFF solids checkbox also removed the roadbed results.

IMPROVED: Ditch areas now include DitchSlopeBottom feature.


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Reports - Volume calculation

FIXED: If the folder name for the Quadri model contained characters other than a-z, A-Z, the quantity report only contained the total volume, and did not not include volumes per section.

Trench cross section calculation

FIXED: Calculation crashed in some cases when pipe was longer than the trench, this is now fixed.

3D export of SOLID

FIXED: Error in 3D export of SOLIDS from WS model to DWG, some 3D objects was missing.

Version 21.FP4a

Updates in Quadri Easy Access

It is now possible to publish a surface with GRID geometry to Easy Access. WMS or Othophoto can also be draped on it.

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