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Novapoint 21.FP4b

Updates in Novapoint Base

Share and Receive

FIXED: Validation of data to avoid interruption during share and receive.


FIXED: Setting multiple alignments as reference alignments during GEN/DMI import was not correct.


FIXED: General IFC export. Now it displays the correct decimal numbers for volume and Area 3D (was rounded).

IMPROVED: Road2IFC added some attributes for Deepblasting

IMPROVED: Rail2IFC added color and attributes to export similar to Road2IFC.

FIXED: LandXML export with Railway conversion file now sets the correct start chainage (staStart).

FIXED: Alignment to LandXML didn't get the correct decimal value for the start chainage (was rounded).


Updates in Novapoint Road

For updates on the Intersection task please go here.
Alignment Design

FIXED: Vertical alignment could be corrupted when using the “Save Only” twice in a row and then Cancel the edit.

FIXED: Settings-dialog would crash in one of the tabs.

FIXED: Error messages related to linksequence when editing alignments.

Build roadmodel

FIXED: Roadsurface edgelines missing for rock shelfs.

FIXED: 3D results for some situations where part of the road were missing.

Road descriptions

IMPROVED/FIXED: Issue with road surface advanced ditch input table where one column could disappear (normally not an issue for users in general).

Quantity report

FIXED: When using the Quantity report with the “summary” option or “No sectioning”, then not all quantities were OK when making the report without full length.

IMPROVED: Changes to bypass customer computer restrictions to open Excel *XLS-files (normally not an issue for users in general)


FIXED: Draw Longitudinal Profile missing pavement thickness for non-reserved road tasks.

FIXED: Draw Longitudinal Profile missing the pavement thickness added for Sub-base course 3 and Filter course.

FIXED: Function for “Set object elevation” would crash with Civil3D blocks.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: Crash or hang for 3D-Drawing for some projects

FIXED: Crash or hang for unfolded drawing for some projects


Updates in Novapoint Water and Sewer

Presentation - Long section

FIXED: Crash drawing WS Longsection in AutoCAD 2020 [TOM-2020].

Presentation - Cross section

FIXED: Cross-section drawing “Pipes and trench to road cross-section” > pipes and trenches not drawn in correct location/reference point [VIK-2401].


FIXED: Because of Windows clean Temp during Novapoint session, the temp config WsReport had unzip was partly deleted. Thus Error message was presented when trying to activate report.

User can also fix manually with “Reset User setting”, but only mark “ Delete Temporary data folder” [TOM-3071].


FIXED: WS config new materials did not update to pipes/connectors tables. User had to close and open Configuration dialogue [TOM-3377].

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