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Novapoint 21.FP4d

Updates in Novapoint Base


FIXED: Fixed crash when reloading 3D windows when data is modified in many cases.

FIXED: Crash with error message: Vianova.Novapoint.Core.QuadriModelException: Invalid feature id (Ugyldig objekt id.)

FIXED: In Dynamic query - global attribute filters - delete button is hidden behind frame.

FIXED: Limitation in number of Classification definitions in Conversion rule editor

Volume calculation

FIXED: Some problems with getting wrong result is fixed.

Export to Easy Access

FIXED: Some problems with 3D prest. using very large orthophoto and transparency was not exported correctly to EA.


Updates in Novapoint Road

For updates on the Intersection task please go here.
Build roadmodel

FIXED: With very detailed terrain or very long alignment the build failed with errorcode -99.


FIXED: Endsurface would not interpolate between different slope values.

To get effect of the fix the user needs:
  1. Open the Landscaping dialog
  2. Go to the Endsurface
  3. Close the dialog with OK
  4. It should now interpolate properly.
Detailed pavement

FIXED: Alignment as surface edge for roadbed didn't always work.


FIXED: Drawing cross-sections with illustration symbols didn't show the symbol, only the point

CHANGED/FIXED (NOR): Vehicle Track Analysis - vehicles with wrong wheelspan. The wheelspan was too long.

Affected vehicles:

  • Norway - 2018 Buss (B), Svv HbN100
  • Norway - 2008 Buss (B), Svv Hb017

Updates in Novapoint Railway

NOTE: Here we list only changes that are done in addition to what is done for Novapoint Road.


FIXED: Geometry excel report had wrong elevations for the referenceline.
It was written as elevation in the middle of the rail top points, not at the lowest rail top point.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: The geometry for some railway tunnels was not drawn correctly. This is fixed now.

FIXED: The production of AutoCAD drawings for geology- and rock support registrations crashed if the tunnel registration task wasn't reserved. This is fixed now.

FIXED: The performance of triangulation of scanner data was worse than before. This is fixed now.

FIXED: The Tunnel design dialog didn't always open when the road surface edge lines were not continuous. This is fixed now.

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