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Novapoint 21.FP4e

Updates in Novapoint Base


We have fixed many of the common crashes in this update.

FIXED: Fixed that text was not draw to AutoCAD, when using Present as DWG.

FIXED: Open a 3D presentation and then start terrain shaping tool. When the task is open - click cancel. Novapoint sometimes crashes, this is fixed.

FIXED: Export of water and sever tasks, using a sosi schema for W&S, never enabled the OK button, this is now fixed.

FIXED: Common crash in conversion rule editor is fixed: error: 'Unable to cast object of type 'System.DBNull' to type 'Vianova.Novapoint.Core.IO.ConversionFileDomain.AttributeValue'

FIXED: Common crash using alignment design or water and sewer construction is fixed: Missing net element or locational attribute

FIXED: Some tools makes non-result objects if using Preview twice before OK, this is fixed.

FIXED: Random crash in Table view fixed

FIXED: Crash when deleting a global filter in Query Dialog

FIXED: Crash when choosing to store a task template to a project rule that is shared to server


Updates in Novapoint Road

For updates on the Intersection task please go here.
Road surface

FIXED: When using boundaries for the road surfaces, the stringlines belonging to the surfaces that are removed in the cross-section was produced at the boundary. This resulted in duplicate stringlines at the boundary.

FIXED: Multiple alignment as surface edge method 1 could get wrong elevations on the 2nd+ entry.

Detailed pavement

FIXED: Using endsurface with method 1 would miss by 1mm producing a “duplicate string” where the endsurface ended.


CHANGED/IMPROVED: Stakeoutstringlines for pavement that follows the subgradesurface is adjusted.

This will make it easier to either get the Inside/Outside stringlines, or the full Roadbed stringlines as two separate groupings.

Alignment Design

FIXED: Crash when drawing alignments to AutoCAD in many cases.

FIXED: Picking an alignment drawn as 3D polyline didn't get the correct start chainage when start chainage is not 0.000.

Draw LP

FIXED: Crossing alignments used as illustration objects didn't get the correct chainage on them if the illustration object alignments didn't start in ch. 0.

FIXED (NOR): Norway.Bridge.Standard didn't show the elevation in the terrain elevation stripe.

Draw CS

FIXED: Issue with crashing when too many rows/columns.

3D Object along Line

FIXED: Improvement to avoid crashing when deleting last row twice.

Export in NP Base

FIXED/CHANGED: Export of LinearElement to LandXML now includes staStart in all the conversion files.


Updates in Novapoint Railway

NOTE: Here we list only changes that are done in addition to what is done for Novapoint Road.


FIXED (FIN): Quantity reports for railway models using KM-stationing. Use KM stationing in the report also.


Updates in Novapoint Tunnel

FIXED: 3D-drawing: The niches were not always drawn correctly. This is now fixed.

IMPROVED: The performance for 3D-drawing and opening of the dialog for geology- and rock support registration is improved.

Version 21.FP4e

Updates in Novapoint Utilities (WS|Cable)


FIXED: Manhole top cover object in Quadri may be flat even i it is marked as dome in the W&S configuration. [VIK-2674]

FIXED: Activating the Manhole total height locking and changing manhole cover Z-value from graphic right-click menu, did not update the profile window unless “Update profile window” was used. [VIK-2632]

FIXED: It was possible to change the manhole elevations in such a way that the total height changed even it is was locked. [VIK-2627]

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