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Novapoint 21.FP4f

Updates in Novapoint Base


FIXED: Crash when re-importing from models which does not contain version information in options

FIXED: Crash when creating/opening pdf from property window in 3D view

FIXED: Export/present to DWG the Slopesurface is missing

FIXED: Fix bug in export slope arrows

FIXED: Crash when deselecting objects in sweep tool


Updates in Novapoint Road

For updates on the Intersection task please go here.
Sight analysis

FIXED: Sight analysis set the wrong distance from centerline when roadmodel was on fill AND used landscaping. It picked the elevation of the edge of fill-surface.

Alignment Design

FIXED: Pressing the Save-button twice and then Cancel in dialog could create errors in vertical alignment.

FIXED: Picking line-arc-line elements in drawing with gaps between the elements, Alignment Design now inserts a clothoid between lines and arcs instead of an extra line.

Draw Cross sections

FIXED: Design objects (from dwg) were not drawn if they were clipped by the frame around each cross section. They are now drawn even if they are partly outside each cross sections frame.

Norwegian market

ENHANCEMENT/FIXED: Using non-rounded values for sight analysis for Norway 2018 - H3 - 110km/t. Rounded values gives 230m sight distance, non-rounded values gives 227m sight distance.


Updates in Novapoint Railway

NOTE: Here we list only changes that are done in addition to what is done for Novapoint Road.

Switch Design

FIXED : Parameter D is used for length of ending line of switch. If D has length 0, no line is added. Before this fix, value 0 for D added a line with length 15m.

FIXED (FIN): Updated ini-file for Finnish switches.

Version 21.FP4f

Updates in Novapoint Utilities (WS|Cable)


FIXED: Updated result conversion file for all soil material types. Previously only the first material type in each group was mapped.

Construction - Cross Section calculation

IMPROVED: Improved input for trench reference alignment (horizontal geometry) to stabilize Cross section calculation.

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