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Presentation Setup with LayerMapping

  1. Drawingrule to LayerName mapping (Planpresentation + Presentation Setup + LayerName Mapping)

This method will combine a Classification task with a Plan Presentation for coloring in DWG.

  1. Create a Plan Presentation task including the tasks and features to export.
    In the Plan Presentation select the appropriate Presentation Setup to get the separation of features and coloration as needed in the DWG.
  2. Start the DWG export task from the Output ribbon.
  3. Select the Plan Presentation to be included in the export.
  4. Select the coloring method in the DWG.
  5. Press the cog wheel to enter a dialog to set the layermapping.
  6. Add a new schema if needed, or check a schema that already exists to see if the layername mapping is as desired.
  7. Close the dialog for the LayerMapping Schemas.
  8. Pick the schema to use from the drop-down list.
  9. Complete the Export task with OK.

See here for more information about this export option.

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