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In Novapoint 21 the solution found in Novapoint 20 (and earlier) for exporting the pavement layers as “Breaklines” is removed.

This tutorial shows how to export to LandXML as “Breaklines” in Novapoint 21 and forward.

In Novapoint 20 and earlier this format was produces through the Export > Wireframe found in the old tool.

How to set up the export

  1. Start the export task
  2. Pick the line task and road task
  3. Pick the features to export; LinearElement, StructureLayer, StakeoutstringStructurelayer
  4. Select the format LandXML
  5. Select the conversion file; InfraBIM Breaklines
  6. Finish the export

In details

Start the export task from Output > Export to file

Pick the line task and road task for the roaddata you want to export. Note that only ONE road task and the line task for this road is to be used.

Pick the features to be included in the export.
For this kind of export you need to include the;
- LinearElement (the alignment object)
- StructureLayer (the pavement layers)
- StakeoutstringStructure (pavement layer stringlines)

How to export only one pavement layer with stringlines:
IF you need to export only one of the pavement layers and the correlating stringlines, then filter the data accordingly.

The image below shows a filter based on the Binder course 1.

This is ONE way to filter the data and you may use whatever filtering logic you prefer.

Pick the destination format, LandXML.

Pick the conversion rule to use.
Here we can select InfraBIM Breaklines.

Complete the export with the “Finish” button.

About this LandXML format

The end file will contain the alignment data, pavement layers as TIN-surface in <Pnts> and <Faces>, in addition to breaklines as <PntList3D>.

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