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Irregular lines

In Novapoint 21 the solution found in Novapoint 20 (and earlier) for exporting the pavement layers as “Irregular lines” is removed.

This tutorial shows how to export to LandXML as “Irregular lines “in Novapoint 21 and forward.

In Novapoint 20 and earlier this format was produces through the Setting Out Data export dialog found in the either the road task or the old road tool.

There are more then one way to do this export, either manually, or with a template.

How to set up the export with a template

  1. Start the export task
  2. Use one of the templates for “StakeoutLines”
  3. A wizard now starts. Pick the road task to export.
  4. Set the from-to chainage to export
  5. Finish the wizard
  6. Check that the destination format is correct. It should be LandXML in this case.
  7. Select the conversion file; Irregular Lines
  8. Finish the export

In details

Start the export task from Output > Export to file

Pick the task template to use for picking the correct data.
The templates available for all users are the templates for:

  • StakeoutLines_Road All Layers
  • StakeoutLines Road Surface
  • StakeoutLines_Road Bed

(and there are others)

Pick the appropriate template.

A wizard starts and lets you pick the road task to be exported.
Pick the correct road task.

Based on the road task that is selected the wizard will find the correct alignment task that is used for this road task.

You can now set the From-To chainage to limit the export along the alignment.

When using the wizard it will automatically pick the correct alignment task and road task in the dynamic query based on your choices.
It will also limit the feature selection to some degree. If there is a need for further filtration to specific datas you are able to do this filtration in the dynamic query dialog.
If you selected a From-To chainage you will see this limitation in the “Location” part of the dynamic query.

Depending on the knowledge you have in using the Dynamic Query, all these selections can also be done manually.

Complete the wizard.

Check that the destination format is correctly set to LandXML.
If using the wizard it will set this automatically, but if you have done everything manually, you have to set this manually as well.

Set the conversion file to use; Irregular lines.

Complete the export task.

About this LandXML format

The LandXML-format for Irregular lines is set up so that the alignment is included, and all the stringlines are sorted on the layer, and put in the correct order from left-to-right.

As an example the file will be sorted:

  • Alignment geometry
  • Road surface
    • -7.11 surface edge
    • -6.11 surface edge
    • -5.11 surface edge
    • -4.03 surface edge
    • ….
    • 1.01 surface edge
    • 1.02 surface edge
    • 2.01 surface edge
    • etc.
  • Wearing course
    • Left-most surface edge TO right-most surface edge
  • Binder course 1
    • Left-most surface edge TO right-most surface edge
  • Binder course 2
    • Left-most surface edge TO right-most surface edge

etc. etc.

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