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Draw Road Elevation Annotations

Use this function to draw elevation annotations along selected surfaces.

  • These annotations can be drawn for desired section of the road model.
  • These annotations will be inserted at the interval used for road surface calculations.
  • The elevations will be read from the active road project.
  • Primary requirement for this function is that, road surface calculations are performed in the module 'Road Design'.
  • These elevations of the road surfaces are very useful for intersection design.

Run the from the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Draw Road Elevation Annotations
MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Draw Road Elevation Annotations…

The dialog Draw Road Elevation Annotations will pop up.


  • Project ID: The active road model and the active Quadri line identity will be displayed.
    • The dialog Novapoint Project Settings will pop up with the button Project ID, which enable to set desired project/model active.
    • For further details on, refer the topic Project ID.
  • From/To Chainage: The road model's first chainage and last chainage will be displayed.
    • By default, elevation annotations will be drawn for the entire section of road model.
    • In case, annotation not required for the entire section, define the section at these fields.

Draw Selected surfaces with given chainage interval

  • Mark the check box to refresh the list.

Draw Label

  • The elevation annotations can be drawn either outside or inside the surface.
  • Mark the desired radio button.

Draw as

  • Annotations can be inserted either at the respective elevations of the surface points or at elevation of the drawing file (AutoCAD command Elevation).
  • Mark the desired radio button.
  • The label consists of a line and text.
  • The mid point of the line represents the road surface point and the text represents the elevation.


  • All the road surfaces used in the road model will be displayed.
  • Select the desired surfaces, for which elevation annotations are to be drawn.
  • Multiple surfaces can be selected using the key Ctrl or Shift.

E.g.: Result of the function.

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