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Draw Sight Distance Lines

Use this function to draw the previously calculated type of sight distance line.

  • Primary requirement for this function is that, sight distance analysis is performed in the module Road Design.
  • Among the three types of sight distances (Stopping sight distance lines, Passing sight distance lines or Meeting sight distance lines) the type of sight distance calculated in the previous operation of this function will be the active type for the current calculation.
    • Hence it is essential to calculate the desired type of sight distance before this function is called.
  • Sight distance lines will be drawn for the section of road model, for which sight distance analysis was performed.
  • The data related to the sight distance lines will be read from the active road model.
  • The function is flexible enough to select the following:
    • The direction of the traffic, for which sight distance lines are to be drawn.
    • Selection, either to draw all sight distance lines or only obstructed sight distance lines.
    • Layer, on which the lines are to be drawn and color to be assigned to the sight distance lines.
  • Obstructed and unobstructed sight distance lines are differentiated with the color assigned to the lines.

Run the from the following location:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available.
MOUS_ICO Menu: Road > Draw Sight Distance Lines…

The dialog Draw Sight Distance Lines will pop up.

Road Model

  • The active road model will be mapped at this field.

Analysis Data

  • Type: The sight distance analysis preformed in the active road model will be mentioned at this field.
  • From/To Chainage: The section of the road model, for which sight distance analysis was performed, will be displayed at these fields.
    • Sight distance lines will be drawn for this section of the road model.


  • Select the direction of traffic, for which the sight distance lines are to be drawn.
  • To draw sight distance lines for the other direction, repeat the function.


  • All Lines: To draw both, obstructed and unobstructed sight distance lines, mark this radio button.
  • Obstructed lines: To draw obstructed lines only mark this radio button.
  • Draw line in 3D: Mark the check box to drawn sight distance line in 3D. This is a useful option especially in verifying sight line for vertical curves.

Drawing Setup

  • Layer: Select the layer, on which the sight distance lines are to be drawn.
    • The pull down menu lists all the layers of the current drawing.
    • Select the layer from the pull down menu.
    • New layer cannot be defined.
    • To create new layer, exit the function, create the new layer and restart the function.
  • Color: Desired color for sight distance lines can be selected from the color field. Click the color field to select the color.


Use this button to execute the function.

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